Recently I witnessed just how passionate people are about their food. While discussing with some coworkers whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza, one of them went as far to say, "a blood line is weak if they like pineapple on their pizza." Woah! But hey, in my opinion, they were right (although, a little over the top). 

It got me thinking that debates like these, filled with passion, are strong enough to ruin friendships — maybe even romantic relationships. So if you're dating someone or you want your friends to still be your friends, stay away from these top food debates, no matter how strongly you feel. 

Crunchy vs. Smooth Peanut Butter

Izzi Clark

Okay this is a classic food battle, but for me it's an easy one. Smooth wins — hands down, no questions asked. And yes, I may slightly judge you for choosing crunchy. Why would you want chunks of crunchiness in the middle of a delicious, creamy PB&J sandwich? No, thank you.

Strawberry Jelly vs. Grape Jelly

jam, grape jelly, marmalade, berry, jelly, blueberry, gelatin
Kiana Lei Yap

After the last debate, you knew this one was coming. These two choices lead to the most fundamental sandwich of human existence. I am team grape. Strawberry is just too, well, strawberry-y. Gosh, this is making me miss elementary school lunch time. 

Edge vs. Center Piece of Brownies

chocolate, coffee, cereal, sweet
Haley Abram

Tbh, if you give me an edge piece, I won't complain. It's a chocolate brownie no matter the placement in the pan. However, I will definitely only eat the soft, yummy middle part and not the crunchy, weird edge part. What? I am trying to be honest here.

Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi

coffee, beer
Angelo Yeh

This is one particular food debate I don't really care all that much about, but I'll have to go with Pepsi — you can blame my momma. My mom is addicted to Pepsi; I was probably born with it in my veins (probably a bit dramatic, but you get the point). 

Ranch vs. Ketchup (For French Fry Dipping)

ketchup, vegetable
Arden Sarner

This is one I am super passionate about and my photo choice says it all. Not only do I think ketchup is the only proper condiment for your fries, but smiley French fries might be the best fry to be dipping into ketchup. Oh wait.. I forgot about curly fries.. oh, and sweet potato fries. Well, I think you see my point.

Pancakes vs. Waffles

cake, sweet, candy, sprinkles, pastry, chocolate, cream, goody
Jayna Goldstein

Okay guys, this one is really hard. Waffles are so versatile, from breakfast in the morning smothered in syrup, to a late night pizza waffle snack. On the other hand, pancakes come in so many flavors — chocolate chip, Nutella, blueberry, red velvet, cinnamon roll — I could go all day. OK, I'm going to go with pancakes. 

Ice Cream vs. Fro-yo

tea, coffee, milk
Kathleen Lee

Apparently, this is an actual debate. I didn't even really know there was a difference, but after giving it some thought, I had to go with fro-yo. I definitely eat ice cream more often, but I feel like fro-yo is not only slightly healthier but also is so trendy.

Beware, these food debates could ruin any relationship you might have previously loved. Food above all, I say. If you're single, I recommend bringing these up on the first date, that way you know where they stand before you're really invested.