Chips and guac are a match made in heaven. This classic pairing has never let us down— it's perfect for watching the game, beach days, and much-needed midnight snacks. But as I stared at the empty bag of tortilla chips next to me, it dawned on me that I have never had guac without chips. Guac has this untapped potential to bring out the very best in our favorite foods. Here are 10 ways to eat guacamole, no chips needed. 

1. Hummus

hummus, cream, parsley, bread, vegetable, dairy product, herb
Maddie Cleeff

Put your guac, chickpeas, and a little salt and pepper in a blender to yield the BEST avo-infused hummus. Sometimes we just need a break from the usual roasted red pepper dip, and this unique take on hummus will never disappoint. 

2. Pita & Veggies

Tired of ranch? Guac with celery, carrots, or pita is the perfect alternative. Even better, dip your pita and veggies in your guacamole-hummus for the perfect party appetizer or post-workout snack. 

3. Burgers

bun, bacon, cheese, beef
Krizza Santucci

If you’ve ever tried avocado on your burger, you know it is to die for. But guacamole? It takes your burger to a whole new level. Pro tip: a little guac (or a lot) on a salmon burger will make you want to put the ketchup and mustard on the back self. Spoon a bit on top and I promise you will not regret it.

4. Toast

Like avocado toast, but different. Pairing guac with your toast not only adds more flavor and nutrients to your breakfast, but gives this popular breakfast trend a whole new look. Spread it on top, add poached eggs, and you have a homemade gourmet meal. 

5. Salad Dressing

vegetable, pasta, salad, chicken, pepper
Michelle Miller

Want to add a bit of southwestern flair to a salad? Take your guac, a bit of lime juice, black pepper, olive oil and water, blend it all together, and you have the perfect dressing. If that’s not your style, re-blend your guac to make it a little smoother and drizzle over your salad to make your meal more savory. 

6. Wraps

Step aside mayo, because guacamole in your wrap is the best thing to happen to your lunch box. Spreading a little guac on a wrap, from a ham and cheese to a south-of-the-border inspired meal, will bring some much-needed zest and spice to your palette— not to mention that it fuels you up with healthy vitamins and fats to power through the rest of your busy day. 

7. Pizza 

pizza, spinach, egg, cheese
Willa Sieradski

Avocado with a little tomato and cheese is amazing, but substituting a little guac and cheese in place of the avocado or even for your sauce is absolutely life-changing. Still want to keep the classic pep and cheese for your dinner? A guacamole-based pizza with egg is the perfect breakfast, too. 

8. Potatoes

Potato, bacon, and cheese? Pretty good. Potato, guacamole, and cheese? Amazing. Guac and potatoes compliment each other almost as well as tortilla chips. Steak and potatoes with some guac will become your new favorite dinner. 

9. Face Masks

vegetable, basil, avocado, herb, spinach, sauce
Emma Brant

This one is a bit crazy, but your skin will thank you. Repurpose your guac as a face mask. Blend before applying for extra smoothness, spread evenly onto your skin, and voilà! You'll be left glowing. Check out this recipe to try your own guac-inspired face mask. 

10. Sushi Rice Cake

Nothing beats a rice cake topped with spicy tuna, ginger, and avocado. But what if that avocado was guacamole? Guac on your sushi rice cake is perfect if you need a break from the soy sauce, and it promises to bring the salt to your sushi dinner. 

Next time you're feeling tired of shoving chips and guac in your face, try out one of these super versatile avo-swaps!