It’s officially the holiday season and we couldn’t be happier. New York City is one of the best places to visit in the winter. You can see a Broadway show, visit the Rockefeller Center tree, shop the Fifth Avenue store windows, or explore the Bryant Park Christmas Market. However, New York City has one other delicious bucket list item: hot chocolate. New York is home to some of the best bakeries and cups of hot chocolate. Below are some of my favorite spots to get hot chocolate in New York City this holiday season.

Angelina Paris, 1050 6th Ave.

Angelina Paris, which originated in France, was a quick hit soon after opening in NYC in 2020. Its hot chocolate is as if someone simply melted a chocolate bar and poured it into a to-go cup. It is thick and delicious, so a small size is enough because it is very rich. 

Thierry Atlan, 436 West Broadway

Chef Thierry Atlan was born in France before coming to America and opening his famous shop. He is the only Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier — a prestigious French title only given to the best craftsmen in their field — in the United States and has more than 30 years of experience with chocolate. Along with the famous hot chocolate, you can also buy macarons, chocolate boxes, chocolate bars, and chocolate barks and clusters.

Maribelle, 484 Broome St.

Maribelle is a well-known chocolate shop in New York City that was founded in 2001. Its signature hot chocolate flavors include Aztec Dark Hot Chocolate, Spiced Hot Chocolate, Maya Hot Chocolate with no sugar added, and Milk/Hazelnut Hot Chocolate. In addition to its delicious hot chocolate, there are also several other chocolate products including ganache, truffles, bites, and bars.

Dominique Ansel Bakery, 189 Spring St.

Dominique Ansel is one of New York’s most famous bakeries. While many know the spot for its chocolate chip cookie and milk shots, many others are devoted fans of its hot chocolate and flowering marshmallows, which are placed in the warm drink and expand to cover the top of the cup as it melts. It is the chef’s homemade recipe and even has a chocolate bonbon surprise inside.

L.A. Burdick, 156 Prince St.

L.A. Burdick began with Larry Burdick in 1987 after he trained to be a chocolatier in Bern, Switzerland. Burdick understood chocolate in America as mass-produced and made with low-quality ingredients. Therefore, he wanted to show them what real chocolate tasted like. The hot chocolate this location is best known for is the spiced hot chocolate, which is described as rich, intense, and not too sweet.

Max Brenner, 841 Broadway

It is almost impossible to come to New York City and not hear about Max Brenner. The restaurants have a variety of chocolate menu items like fondue, pastries, and milkshakes. Chocolate is everywhere on the menu and even in restaurant decorations. While you can order its famous hot chocolate in person, you can also buy the mix online and enjoy it at home.

The Chocolate Room, 269 Court St, Brooklyn

The Chocolate Room opened in 2005 and quickly became popular with its variety of chocolate treats including bonbons and truffles, cakes, cookies, brownies, confections, hot chocolate, syrups, and sauces. Its spiced hot chocolate is especially popular, made with rich dark chocolate, cinnamon, and cloves. You can even buy hot chocolate powder to sip on your couch.

Sugar Hill Creamery, 184 Malcolm X Blvd

Sugar Hill Creamery has taken hot chocolate and made it even better. The ice cream hot chocolate is made with its signature vanilla ice cream and chocolate. It is then topped off with torched marshmallow fluff and chocolate shavings.

Venchi, 861 Broadway

Venchi has a history as rich as its hot chocolate. Owner Silviano Venchi started the business in Turin, Italy when he was only 20 years old. Today, Venchi has more than 250 unique chocolate recipes, 90 gelato flavors, and locations in over 70 countries around the world. At Venchi’s, you can pick up several different chocolate products, including the hot chocolate made with authentic Italian flavors like hazelnut, pistachio, caramel, and rum.

Bar Pisellino, 57 Grove St.

Bar Pisellino was started by award-winning chefs Rita Sodi and Jody Williams who both share a love and appreciation of arte del bere (the art of drink). With a special focus on Italian flavors and culture, their hot chocolate is especially thick and smooth, which you can enjoy in their outdoor cafe.