Bryant Park’s Winter Village is officially open to kick off the holiday season in New York City! One of my favorite holiday traditions is spending the day in the Winter Village at Bryant Park - a winter wonderland with shops and food vendors surrounding an ice skating rink with the city skyline as a backdrop. When you first arrive at Bryant Park, it can be overwhelming to see all the vendors, both new and old, along with igloos, a carousel and live entertainment. I love spending the day weaving in and out of the holiday gift shops and indulging in decadent and savory treats while overlooking the rink. Since I’m a regular visitor to the Winter Village, I've created this guide to help you navigate the market, hit my top 5 favorite spots, and ensure you don’t miss any must-have treats.

Emily Greiff

1. S'mores N'more

To start off, warm up with a frothy, piping hot chocolate at S’mores N’more. Create your Instagram-worthy drink by choosing milk, dark or Nutella flavored chocolate as your base, and then adding marshmallows and other toppings such as Reese’s peanut butter cups, Mounds, Almond Joy, KitKat, Snickers and more.

Emily Greiff

2. Sweet Tooth NYC

If you’re still craving more sugar, be sure to stop by Sweet Tooth NYC where you can create a stunning and delicious cream croissant cone, which is basically a freshly baked pastry cone filled with cream. Sprinkle on your favorite topping by choosing from the s’mores, oreo, caramel or strawberry flavors.

3. Bao by Kaya

If you’re looking for more savory snacks, Bao by Kaya is the place for you. Bao by Kaya is one of the best Asian street food delicacies in NYC, featuring authentic Taiwanese food. Order mouthwatering baos, spring rolls, dumplings, sesame noodles and more.

4. Baked Cheese Haus

For the cheese lovers out there, head over to Baked Cheese Haus, a Scandinavian-inspired delicacy. Watch your sandwich of choice be prepared in front of you, as the warm cheese is melted and scraped off a massive cheese wheel and spread inside a crispy baguette.

Emily Greiff

5. Crepe Cafe

Finally, stop off at Crepe Cafe, one of the classic seasonal Winter Village vendors. Crepe Cafe has an endless menu offering both savory and sweet crepes, with fillings such as vegetables, breakfast themed fillings or even hearty meat-filled crepes. Pair your freshly made crepe with a cup of hot chocolate, choosing from an extensive list of hot chocolate options.

Emily Greiff

These are not even half of the amazing food vendors found in Bryant Park’s Winter Village. Go and explore the delicious food from a wide range of holiday themed shops this holiday season before the market closes on January 2!

Emily Greiff