Scoping out the New York food scene can be daunting at first. Don't fret. We've got the deets for you. If you want to elevate your NYC experience, you'll need the inside scoop. Do as the locals do and immerse yourself in the city's very best. From vodka pizza for brunch to truffle sashimi for lunch, here's my cheat sheet on the "it girl's" guide to the city's finest.

Old Rose for Light Italian Fare

Alison Tair

Authentically New York, Old Rose serves up a beautiful light Italian fare right in the Jane Hotel. Weekend brunch is self-care ladies. To escape the hustle and bustle of your 9-5, head to this charming abode conveniently in the heart of the West Village. (Insider's tip: Split the vodka pizza and little gem salad and don't skip out on the mid-afternoon mimosas.)

The Smith for Classic American Comfort

The Smith is the go-to locale for those who just don't know what they want. Whether you're ready to go all-in for a stack of ricotta pancakes or would rather keep it savory with steak and eggs, The Smith has the goods for you. My go-to is the grilled chicken sandwich with burrata and basil aioli. Mouthwatering.

Catch NYC for Chic Seafood

It's as if the cast of Vanderpump Rules decided to move to New York and go full-fledged seafood. But in all seriousness, everyone that works and eats at this restaurant is ridiculously attractive so be prepared. Start off the night with their signature truffle sashimi and sneak in a catch roll or two. Be sure to try their rock shrimp, crunchy rice cakes, and lobster mac & cheese too. Rest easy ladies, everything at Catch is meant to be shareable so order up.

Vandal for Trendy Dinner with Gals

Alison Tair

So you’re out with your gals in search for a dinner spot that checks all the boxes. Fortunately, Vandal has the best bites, exudes young vibes, and will surely be a good time. Because of the streaming & sharing nature of the spot, you truly get a little taste of everything. Some of my favorites include the crispy bao bun sliders, fish tacos, charred brussels, and wasabi pea crusted salmon. With backdrop beats of Drake and Kanye, let's cheers to a fabulous night ahead.

Buddakan for Bougie Asian Food

If you want to feel like a total A-lister, look no further than Buddakan. In addition to the area's endless array of notable eateries, Buddakan tops the list as one of the most lavish and ritzy spots in the West Village. Where Parisian flair meets East Asian flavors, Buddakan serves an upscale rendition of your traditional Asian dishes: edamame dumplings, Chinese sausage fried rice, peking duck, and oxtail dumplings to name a few. Extravagant, chic, and bougie for sure.

BondST for Sushi Hour

You walk in and notice the candle-lit ambiance and intimate sushi bar. You do a double take and see Gigi and Bella chilling by the lounge. This is no rare occasion at BondST. A not-so-hidden gem in Noho, this upscale restaurant serves everything from traditional Japanese dishes to modern interpretations of Japanese faves. As a sashimi gal, I highly recommend the szechuan yellowtail sashimi, toro tartare, and their signature sashimi sextet.

Uva for Authentic Rustic Italian

If you and your bestie are anything like Serena & Blair, you'll probably find yourself aimlessly wandering the Upper East Side in dire need of a spot to sit and chat. Serving everything from small apps to late-night bites, Uva is the move. Their truffle gnocchi, pappardelle al ragu, and late night prosciutto pizza are absolutely to die for. And lucky for you, their rustic and homey ambiance transports you to the streets of Rome right in the heart of the Upper East Side.

While We Were Young for Girly Cocktails

As the ladies behind this While We Were Young say, “we were together, I forgot the rest.” With its stylish interior, unique cocktails, and deliciously healthy options, WWWY is an absolute gem. From “pillow talk” to “the morning after,” the drinks are most definitely a conversation starter. Did we mention that they have the cutest blush pink interior? It’s like it was made for gals like us.

You know all the cool gals don't play around when it comes to their food game. Especially in New York, top-notch, delicious, and stylish spots are not up for negotiation. Be sure to give one of our top picks a try. Who knows? Maybe you'll see Sarah Jessica Parker the next time you pop in for sushi.