When it comes to Trader Joe's, every stan has their go-to items they get every time. Everyone knows that the cauliflower gnocchi in the freezer section is an amazing quick dinner, especially when paired with the jarred vodka sauce. The General Tao's chicken is also a perfect meal when made in the air fryer. And you can't forget the dessert section — Hold The Cone, dark chocolate peanut butter cups, and matcha mochi ice cream, just to name a few faves. But one section of TJ's seems to get overlooked: the wine section. 

It wasn't that long ago that the only wine Trader Joe's was really known for carrying was the iconic Two-Buck Chuck, which gets its name from the once shockingly low price. But now, the wine section at Trader Joe's rivals any liquor store. The grocery store carries a wide variety of reds, whites, rosés, and sparkling wines, some brands exclusive to TJ's, and others you would definitely recognize. And the best thing about it? Almost all of the wines are well below $20, and they don't taste like it. Here are the best wines at Trader Joe's for your next dinner party, date night, or Monday.

La Burgondie Crémant de Bourgogne, $11

Trader Joe's

This sparkling wine from the Bordeaux region of France is made using the same method as Champagne, making it much cheaper. But don't be fooled by the price point. This wine is slightly fruity, full of fine bubbles, and absolutely delicious to celebrate any occasion.

Trading Post Cabernet Sauvignon of Napa Valley 2022, $20

Trader Joe's

This cab sauv is from TJ's own wine line called Trading Post. You'll get notes of black cherry, tobacco, and vanilla, plus a super bold jammy-ness that begs for a big meal pairing. Steak, anyone?

VINTJS Sonoma County Chardonnay 2021, $9

Trader Joe's

This Sonoma County Chardonnay has notes of pear and red apple, along with a refreshing minerality. It's a wine of versatility, pairing oh-so-well with creamy pasta dishes, silky rounds of Brie cheese, or a roast chicken dinner.

Charles Shaw Merlot, $5

Trader Joe's

You didn't think I wouldn't include Two-Buck Chuck on this list, did you? Well, it may not be $2 anymore (thanks, inflation), but it's still one of the cheapest wines available at Treader Joe's, ringing up at $5. It probably isn't the best wine you've ever tasted, but it's one you can always pull out when in need.

Espiral Vinho Verde, $5

Trader Joe's

If you didn't know, Vinho Verde comes from Portugal, and this wine transports you there with one sip. It's super bright, with notes of melon and green apple and pairs well with anything you'd eat in the summer. Think fish tacos or tropical fruit salad.

Gran Reserva Maule Valley Chile 2020, $13

Trader Joe's

If you are trying to impress a crowd with your wine knowledge, pick up this wine at TJ's and bookmark this page to recite to your guests. Here's what to say as you are pouring glasses:

"This wine comes from the Maule Valley, one of the first in Chile to plant grapes. It's a cool climate with very fertile soil, which means wines from there are strong, balanced, and full of tannins. You should be tasting some oakiness, due to the barrel aging, with some pepperiness, too. Sip it with a bite of your steak."

You're welcome.

La Ferme Julien Rosé, $7

Trader Joe's

If you ever see a wine by the Perrin family at Trader Joe's, you can almost always assume it'll be good. And this rosé is no exception. The gorgeous light pink color comes from the minimal time the grapes spend in contact with the skin. You'll get notes of flowers, citrus, and red fruit.

Maison Barboulot Cabernet Syrah, $7

Trader Joe's

The label of this wine draws in you with its simplicity, like it has nothing to prove. It probably won't surprise you, then, that it's from France. The wine is super drinkable (which is just wine speak for a bottle you can have on hand at all times and never get sick of) and has notes of cherry and vanilla.

Honey Moon Viognier, $7

Trader Joe's

If you are a sucker for a pretty label, go for this Viognier. It's simple, but really gorgeous with a golden moon and clear glass showing off the light color of the wine inside. Speaking of the wine, it's refreshing, fruity, and goes well with any cheese board.

Rose & Finch California Red Wine 2021, $5

Trader Joe's

This wine from California is a great drinker to sip alone or to pair with a hearty meal of pasta or barbecue. The flavors of cherry and plum with mocha and vanilla make it a great glass.