With people’s busy lives, who has time to cook a full meal every evening for dinner? No, just putting some chicken nuggets in the air fryer isn’t a meal. And sometimes, food goes bad so quickly in the fridge, it feels like you have to stuff your face constantly or just throw money away. With that problem, well, why not just try frozenTrader Joe’s is the wonderland of legendary products that give the store the cult following it has today. The grocery store has plenty of frozen meals to choose from, and I’m here today to tell you the best of the best as told by the opinions of the internet so you don’t have to worry about what you are going to eat ever again. From pasta to Indian to flatbreads to interesting meals you might not have known about, these are the best frozen meals from Trader Joe’s.

1. Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice

Trader Joe's

The Butter Chicken is very much a fan favorite of the patrons of Trader Joe’s. The meal is a classic butter chicken with chunks of chicken in a tomato-y buttery sauce served alongside Basmati rice. The rice and chicken in the sauce are kept separate in the package but are most definitely meant to be eaten together. It can be heated up in the microwave for seven minutes or in the oven for 10 minutes.

2. Cacio e Pepe

The package comes with frozen blocks of sauce and twirled up spaghetti. You put everything in the package in a pan with two tablespoons of water and then cover, stirring occasionally. The master of this meal is the sauce. It’s creamy and cheesy with a prominent cracked black pepper flavor.

3. Chicken Tikka Masala

Trader Joe's

This meal is pieces of chicken in a creamy tomato-based sauce with curry flavors. The Basmati rice is cumin-flavored, a perfect match to the flavors of the sauce. You simply put in the microwave and voila, you have yourself a fresh meal that Trader Joe’s describes as ‘Indian-ish’ due to the more British history of the dish.

4. Gnocchi alla Sorrentina

This meal is a gnocchi stuffed with potatoes and served in a red tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese. The sauce is smooth and flavorful and the pasta is toothsome. The gnocchi can be made in the microwave or on the stove.

5. Cod Provençale

This dish is a decently portioned cut of cod served with rice and ratatouille, which is various stewed vegetables like eggplant and squash in a tomato-y sauce. You can either microwave this meal for seven minutes or put it in the oven for 45 minutes. I imagine the oven would be a better option for this one in particular. The variety of the sides in this dish plus the fish makes this a must try.

6. Mushroom & Black Truffle Flatbread

Trader Joe's

Truffles are the diamonds of food, which is why Trader Joe’s is bringing it to you on a flatbread for an affordable price. This flatbread is served on a crispy crust coated in truffle sauce, mozzarella, truffles and mushrooms. Double the fungi makes for a fun time. It’s all the luxury you could hope for for only $5.49 at your local Trader Joe’s.

7. Burrata, Prosciutto, & Arugula Flatbread

This flatbread is layered with burrata cheese and arugula, and  the prosciutto goes on after the flatbread comes out of the oven. Another crispy crust and cheesy savory flavor just proves that flatbread is one of Trader Joe’s specialties when it comes to frozen meals.

8. Stacked Eggplant Parmesan

Trader Joe's

The eggplant parm is a hefty meal in a small package. Stacked up eggplant along with the titular parmesan cheese, onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers to make for a savory snappy acidic flavor. It goes in the microwave for six to seven minutes and will be a nice soft texture with rich flavor. Great for vegetarians or meat eaters!