The dining hall serves the same food everyday. It is repetitive and nothing is ever that very appetizing to me. The food is either not appealing or not healthy. When walking into the dining hall, all you see is the dreaded uncooked chicken and unsalted french fries. The best solution to this is to stock up on frozen meals. This helps you avoid spending all of your money on take out. Frozen meals are essential for sanity in the dorm room. They are fast and delicious. Here is a list of necessary items for the dorm room freezer. 

1. Veggie Burgers

Veggie burgers are a great source of protein and take under 2 minutes to heat up. They are very tasty and are a great solution for lunch or dinner. There are various types of veggie burgers, so there is an option for everyone! One can be paired well with some hummus and veggies.


Dumplings are delicious to have for a snack or a meal. They will fill your craving for your favorite asian restaurant back home. They are so easy to make and always taste like food from a restaurant! I especially love them with a side of microwaved rice and some soy sauce!

3. Frozen Burrito Bowls

It may be tempting to order in Chipotle when craving a burrito bowl, but frozen options are much more cost effective. Burrito bowls are filling and most importantly satisfy cravings for Chipotle. 

4.Frozen Pasta Dishes

Pasta is one of my favorite comfort foods and heating up a pasta dish makes me feel like I am at an Italian restaurant. It is so easy to make a gourmet Italian meal in under 10 minutes in the dorm room. There is a wide variety of frozen pasta dishes, so you can always switch it up!


For when you are craving homemade waffles, these are an excellent choice. They are great for breakfast or "breakfast for dinner." Waffles are meant for any time of the day! In only a few minutes, you will have tasty breakfast food! 

6. Mozzarella Sticks

These are essential for a dorm room freezer! Mozzarella sticks are good for a nice, cheesy, and warm dinner. They are also perfect for a late night meal! I love to pair this with a side of marinara sauce!

7.Frozen Vegetables

Although on their own vegetables are not a meal, they are a great addition to any meal. Frozen veggies are quick to heat up and are already seasoned. They are a great way to stay healthy in college and are also yummy! 

8. Acaí Bowls

Frozen acai bowls are key for when you are craving açaí bowls from home. It is a quick and easy option for any meal, especially when you are in between online classes. Trader Joe's has a great frozen option that makes for a great meal. 

Having a stocked freezer is crucial for surviving dorm life. Remember to get these essentials on your next supermarket run! These are perfect meals for any time of day! You will never want to go back to ordering in again!