You've probably heard about the ever-popular Trader Joe's grocery stores and may have wondered why they're such a big deal. During the summer, two of my best friends and I made going to Trader Joe's part of our weekly routine, and I must admit that we looked forward to going back more and more each time. We almost always ended up sharing new snacks on our way home and were eager to discover more on our next grocery trip. Something about it just kept bringing us back every time. Here are just a few things I've learned about the legendary Trader Joe's.

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Caroline Ingalls

Raid the Frozen Aisle 

Even though pre-cooked frozen foods have been around for decades, Trader Joe's truly takes theirs to another level. They've developed innovative and delicious recipes that make their frozen products much more enjoyable. You can find pretty much anything, from cauliflower tempura and mini ice cream cones to soup dumplings and tikka masala. Plus, they're fairly easy to re-heat too; most of them are ready if placed in the microwave or if heated up in a skillet for a couple of minutes. Although some may think that frozen food will never be as tasty as freshly cooked food, I swear Trader Joe's has cracked the code. They've figured out how to maintain delicious taste despite packaging and freezing their products. What's even better is that you can create your own meals by pairing some of their frozen products together. The sweet potato gnocchi and Mahi Mahi burger patties are a favorite combo in our college apartment. 

Enjoy the Fresh and Seasonal Produce

I feel like this one is kind of a given with pretty much any supermarket, but Trader Joe's really does offer some of the freshest seasonal produce I've seen. They make an effort to showcase fruits and veggies that are at their best during each time of year. For instance, the peaches and summer squashes never once missed my summer grocery lists. It almost feels like you're going to the farmer's market. They also offer beautiful in-season flowers that you should definitely pick up. I promise they'll cheer you up immediately.

Sofia Heras

Get. The. Snacks. 

I bet we can all agree that snacks are just an essential part of our everyday lives, right? With that being said, take advantage of that snack aisle. Trader Joe's offers some self-branded alternatives to crowd favorites such as Takis, trail mix, popcorn, fruit bars, and chips. You'll likely find anything you need to satisfy your cravings. Their snack selection really doesn't disappoint and makes the trip to Trader Joe's worth it. 

Lastly, I'd like to recognize some things that make Trader Joe's awesome apart from the actual food. About 95% of the products they sell are from their own brand, which makes your grocery trip a lot more affordable compared to other bigger supermarket chains. Moreover, as I mentioned earlier, they put a creative twist on the products that they offer, so you really do find something new to try almost every single time. To top it all off, they have implemented a sustainability mission that presents clients with recyclable and environment-friendly packaging, as well as reusable grocery and tote bags. So, without further ado, find the Trader Joe's closest to you and thank me later.