With finals season over and summer here, it is finally time to enjoy darty-ing with no anxiety about due dates or deadlines. That means it's the perfect time to craft a few summer borgs. Whether you're a tequila lover or a vodka stan, it is absolutely 100% necessary to flavor your Borg with various drink mixes.  No matter if you add Liquid IV powder, Kool-Aid mix, liquid water enhancers, or a combination of these, you'll likely be adding a bit of MiO to your gallon. The product was first introduced in 2011 and expanded into more than 20 flavors beyond the most common and well-known Fruit Punch and Black Cherry options. With that being said, here are the absolute best MiO flavors  for Borg. 

#SpoonTip: No matter what you're drinking, make sure to always drink responsibly. Spoon does not promote binge or underage drinking.

1. Fruit Punch

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Of course, this classic MiO flavor is among the best. Its fruit punch power is so nostalgic, it'll remind you of your days sipping on Hawaiin Punch or Hi-C. Its unmistakable bright red color and tropical taste will mask any liquor you fill your gallon with. Plus, TikTok creator Erin Monroe also addresses how Borgs are a fabulous way to control your alcohol intake, and frankly, you can just walk around with a whole gallon of N/A MiO water if you want. 

2. Lemonade

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You definitely have to add the MiO lemonade flavor to your cabinet ASAP. Every liquor is made better with a little citrus twist. I mean, after all, lemons are the perfect little garnish for almost every cocktail. Add this to any Borg of your choice for a summertime treat. Plus, you can even pack it in your bag when going to bars to spice up your tequila and tonic, gin and tonic, vodka soda, etc. You'll be the star of the bar with the best MiO flavor. 

3. Cranberry Raspberry

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This MiO for your Borg is berry, berry good. Cranberry and raspberry-flavored MiO won't help you with any UTI problems, but it will make you feel fancy. Consider this as the flavor enhancer for a much cooler (and bigger) version of a vodka cranberry. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even add some fresh lime juice and/or lime wedges to this gallon. 

4. Blueberry Lemonade

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Remember when I said that lemons make every drink better? Well, blueberry makes that golden citrus fruit even more amazing. They are truly the perfect pairing for cakes, pies, sorbets, and of course, cocktails. Instead of slicing up lemons and grabbing fresh blueberries for a Borg, just add some blueberry lemonade MiO flavoring. You'll have equal hints of sweet berry and bright citrus hitting your palate with every sip. Plus, it will create a beautiful blue that is just perfect for pics!

5. Strawberry Watermelon

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Strawberry watermelon-flavored MiO is the ideal flavor combo for summer borgs, and year-round. The pink water enhancer pairs stunningly with vodka, such as with @timthetankofficial's TikTok borg recipe. You will adore this effortlessly sweet and simple fruit combo all day and night.