Summer is the perfect time for smoothies. They are fresh, colorful, and perfect for the hot and humid days coming up. Here is a roundup of the best smoothie recipes for sippin' on this summer.

1. Orange and Ginger Smoothie

cocktail, juice, sweet
Emily Marshall

This orange and ginger smoothie is perfect for days when you are feeling under the weather. The orange helps with boosting the immune system and the cayenne pepper clears your sinuses, and kick starts your metabolism. 

2. Layered Rainbow Smoothie

smoothie, berry, juice, strawberry, ice, yogurt, milk, sweet, cream
Paige Marie Rodgers

If you want an Instagram worthy smoothie, then this layered rainbow smoothie is the one to make. It's layers are made up of different smoothies like mango, blueberry, strawberry, spinach and orange. This beauty is a great drink to impress your friends. 

3. Creamy Avocado Blueberry Smoothie

berry, yogurt, smoothie, blueberry
Jessica Farber

Avocados are known for all their health benefits, like being high in potassium, fiber, heart-healthy fatty acids, and anti-oxidants. In this avocado blueberry smoothie, the avocado helps make the smoothie creamy and smooth.

4. Boozy Berry Smoothie

blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, berry
Jasmine Chan

Using Moscato in this boozy berry smoothie makes this the perfect drink. Not only is it refreshing, but it also takes off the edge on a hot summer day. So for your next BBQ, step up your cocktail game with this smoothie. 

5. Mango Basil Smoothie

juice, mint, spinach, herb, vegetable, basil
Carolyn Hsieh

The twist of the basil in this mango basil smoothie is an ideal compliment to the tropical mango. Mangoes are a great fruit because they are high in Vitamin C, which helps protect against heart disease and keeps your cholesterol level.  

6. DIY Momofuku Cereal Milk Smoothie

chocolate, ice, tea, milk, coffee
Aja Frost

Who says that smoothies have to be full of fruits and vegetables? If you can't make it to New York, this Momofuku style cereal milk smoothie is the perfect sweet snack or dessert when you get a sugar craving. 

7. Green Goddess Smoothie

Kathryn Stouffer

When you want to feel heathy whip up this green goddess smoothie. Don't be intimidated by the greenness of the smoothie. The fruit gives it great flavor, while the spinach is packed with vitamins and minerals. 

8. Watermelon Cucumber Smoothie

yogurt, sweet, milk, juice, smoothie
Jake Popescu

Everyone loves a slice of watermelon on a hot summer day, but this smoothie is even better. This watermelon and cucumber smoothie combines the refreshing flavors of we crave, to make a hydrating, and delicious drink.

9. Copycat Panera Strawberry Smoothie

ice, berry, cream, yogurt, sweet, milk, juice, smoothie, strawberry
Katherine Baker

Panera is the haven of mac and cheese, bread bowls and now smoothies. It's a classic flavor that Panera does darn well. This copycat recipe is delicious, easy to make and helps you save money. A triple win.

From healthy to dessert to boozy, there is no end to the variety of smoothies available to you. Use these recipes as jumping off points. Instead of strawberries, use raspberries or blackberries. Use your imagination and create your own delicious smoothie.