The Bachelor has been going strong, and if you too love to watch it with friends, we have the perfect snacks to help you chow down during the final episodes. We have a snack for every girl left on the show (plus, the ever popular Corinne), and this season's heart throb Nick Viall.

Raven's Sweet Peach Tea Sangria 

Jen Behrendt

What is Bachelor Monday's without a little booze, right? This Sweet Peach Tea Sangria is for the sweet, Southern bell, Raven. Mix some sweet peaches with store bought peach iced tea, white wine, peach vodka, and top it off with a little champagne for sparkle.

Raquel's Fried Cheesy Pasta (Corinne's Nanny)

sauce, vegetable
Jen Behrendt

Cheesy Pasta anyone? We call this one Raquel's Fried Cheesy Pasta. Corinne may no longer be a part of the season, but she was easily the most notable contestant; and who could forget about her nanny. We took boxed, shell mac 'n cheese, and made it according to the instructions. While it's still hot, add in your favorite shredded cheese, mix it together, and refrigerate until cold. Scoop it into balls and line it on a waxed paper cookie sheet. Freeze the mac 'n cheese balls until they hold their shape. Then roll it in egg, flour, egg breadcrumbs, and fry 'em up! 

Vanessa's Canadian Bacon Wrapped Shrimp 

ham, chicken, bacon
Jen Behrendt

Vanessa is a sweetheart from Canada who manages to stay poised and in control—no matter the situation. This makes her one of the most popular candidates of the season. So we had to pick something that mentions Canada, as well as an ever popular party food. We made "Canadian Bacon" wrapped shrimp, which is also the easiest of the treats to make because it only has two ingredients. We bought already cooked, de-veined, clean shrimp, and defrosted it. We then cut the bacon strips in half, wrapped the shrimps, and tooth-picked the bacon so it would stay in place. Line a baking sheet with tin foil, and bake until the bacon looks crisp.

Rachel's Taco Cups

vegetable, dairy product, cheese
Jen Behrendt

Miss Future Bachelorette, Rachel, is liked by almost everyone in the Bachelor Nation—just like tacos are liked by almost everyone. We thought taco cups would be perfect. First, cook the ground beef, add taco seasoning, and some canned tomatoes into a pan. Grease a cupcake pan and cut tortillas into smaller circles to hold the taco wholesomeness. Once the shells are in the pan, fill them with the ground beef mixture, top with a little (or a lot) of cheese, and bake until shells are crispy. Top with your favorite taco toppings, obvi!

Nick's Three-Layer Strawberry Shortcake in a Glass

ice cream, shortcake, whipped cream, ice, cream, strawberry
Jen Behrendt

And no we did not, and could never, forget about Nick Viall. He has been picked on by critics for this being his THIRD time looking for love on national television. We thought it would be fitting to make three-layer strawberry shortcake cups. Simply buy cake mix from the store, grease up a cupcake pan sheet to bake them in, and presto. Layer the cupcakes in a glass, and cut strawberries to put in and top with whipped cream. It will taste, and look, just as sweet as Nick (that's for sure).