Whether or not you watch The Bachelor, chances are you've heard of Corinne Olympios and her tastebuds. She's shared with us her beloved cheese pasta, and was even in one of the first Bachelor scenes where a contestant actually ate. Corinne seems to share the eating habits of a picky third grader, so I don't blame you for forgetting she's from Miami – a city with an incredible food scene. 

With some investigating (googling), I discovered Corinne comes from nearby my North Miami hometown. No matter how much you hate her, you can't deny she's probably been out to some pretty amazing restaurants. Without further ado, here are seven restaurants Corinne probably hits up when she's not running her multi-million dollar company.

1. Bella Luna

Bella Luna is an Italian restaurant in the Aventura mall, a large and luxurious shopping mall that Corinne probably grew up frequenting. A go-to for almost any shopper, it's definitely the kind of place Corinne would stop at for some comfort food pasta. 

#SpoonTip: Order the fusili al telefono. It won't disappoint. 

2. Makoto

Makoto is a restaurant I have no doubt Corinne has been to multiple times. Located in the even more luxurious Bal Harbour Shops, it's a basic and bougie girl's foodie dreams come true. Despite what you might be thinking, this is 100% a good thing. Everything from the spicy tuna crispy rice to the corn (yes the corn!) is beyond incredible.

3. Barton G 

Outrageous and extravagant are two words that definitely come to mind when I think of Corinne, and they could not be better applied to Barton G. Every plate comes super elaborately served, and though it might be the most extra meal you'll ever eat it will definitely be worth it.

4. Miami Juice

Miami Juice is a super popular local healthy restaurant, and it's located right in Corinne's hometown of Sunny Isles Beach. It serves the kind of food Corinne might eat when she's not indulging in cheese pasta. They even have a healthier spaghetti squash dish that Corinne would probably love.

5. Houston's

Houston's is an upscale restaurant chain with a location only a few minutes from Sunny Isles Beach. Everything, from the appetizers to drinks to desserts, is absolutely incredible. The restaurant is always packed with business and corporate execs, and everything about it says classy and elegant. Maybe those aren't two words you'd normally associate with Corinne, but you can't forget she does run a multimillion dollar company

6. Zuma 

I can just see Corinne walking into Zuma, an upscale Japanese restaurant in downtown Miami. Located in the luxurious Epic hotel, Zuma is known for its high-end cuisine and its pricey brunch. Brunch costs $95 per person and offers Japanese-inspired cocktails that I'm sure Corinne has indulged in at least once.

7. Casa Tua

Although I'm sure nothing can beat Raquel's cheese pasta, this list wouldn't be complete without one of Miami's best Italian restaurants. Casa Tua is romantic and elegant, making it the kind of restaurant Corinne would want to take Nick during her hometown date. It also costs a pretty penny making, it a restaurant for privileged people (even the ones who say they're not privileged). 

I might not have any proof that Corinne's been to these restaurants, but there's no doubt she's let her personality shine on the show. Anyone who's visited these restaurants will definitely agree that each exudes some part of Corinne's character.