If you're any level of a Bachelor Nation fan, you're probably familiar with this year's villain, Corrine Olympios. The season is doing an excellent job of portraying her as the definition of the Hot Crazy scale by highlighting her somewhat inappropriate-timed naps and many mentions of her grown-up nanny, Raquel, who makes her cheese pasta. However, the jokes ended last night when Corrine unleashed her true talent, downing chicken nuggets like motha fuggin boss.

Although we don't have filmed evidence of her chicken nugget carnage (yet), it will be burned in our memory and Ben Higgins' forever.

The chicken nuggets made their premiere right before a classic bachelorette on bachelorette showdown, which made us all want to die a little, but like true suckers for the series, kept watching. And just when we needed a break, so did Corinne.

The rest of the episode was full of exciting moments like scenic views of his hometown, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and literal cow manure. But what's really significant is that this might be the first time in Bachelor history where the contestants actually consumed food on screen. Besides alcohol and whipped cream, obviously.

At the end of the episode, surprisingly enough, our respect for Corinne has definitely been raised. Because, like our forefathers, Michael Jordan and Abraham Lincoln (Corrine so lovingly mentioned) everyone needs to nap. And have a healthy serving of nugs.