May is National Strawberry Month! Strawberries hold a special place in my heart and here in southeastern Ohio they're starting to produce strawberries for the first time this season. 

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Kayla Hawthorne

Here's a list of fun, quick and tasty recipes to make with strawberries and celebrate National Strawberry Month. It still counts as a fruit even if it's baked in sugar, right? Hopefully before the end of May I will have some fresh-picked berries to use in these tasty desserts.

1. A classic strawberry shortcake

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Mackenzie Barth

You can't go wrong with a strawberry shortcake. This is one of my favorite ways to enjoy strawberries as a dessert. It's an added bonus if the cakes are still warm.

2. Ice cream AND strawberries?

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Jenny Starrs

Ice cream is probably my second favorite food, behind strawberries of course. Now we can enjoy this strawberry ice cream pie. The hardest part of this recipe is waiting for the pie to freeze for 4-5 hours, which will feel like an eternity.

3. Strawberry glazed cheesecake

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Allie Dang

I know many family members who would love for me to make them this strawberry cheesecake. This isn't the easiest recipe to make, but it will be so worth it and you can impress your guests this summer with your incredible baking skills.

4. Strawberry chocolate chip cookies

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Anne Elizabeth Garrard

Chocolate covered strawberries are another classic but, let's be honest, they're messy and take a lot of time and effort. With these strawberry chocolate chip cookies we can have the same flavor of chocolate covered strawberries but with less time involved. These cookies are so simple they're allegedly foolproof.

5. Strawberry lemonade

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Jocelyn Hsu

Nothing says "Welcome, Summer!" quite like lemonade. Make this easy strawberry lemonade to celebrate National Strawberry Month. You can also try this strawberry lemonade smoothie.

6. Strawberry caprese salad 

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Sofia Gonzalez

This Insta-worthy salad would be great for a picnic on a sunny day. Try this 4-ingredient strawberry caprese salad is easy to make and will be a great addition to any summer meal.

7. Copycat Panera strawberry smoothie

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Katherine Baker

We couldn't list strawberry recipes without having a classic smoothie. This Panera copycat recipe is great when you need breakfast on-the-go. Plus, this recipe could easily be made vegan.

Ways to eat strawberries for every meal

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Emily Head

Check out this article for ways to eat strawberries for every meal. I know I'll be needing this in a few weeks when my strawberries ripen.

Tips on fresh strawberries

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Kayla Hawthorne

This article gives a few tips on how to get (and keep) the best strawberries.

Health-related reasons you should be eating strawberries

Emily Weaver

And if you weren't already convinced, here are a few health-related reasons to add strawberries to your everyday diet.

Hungry yet? Go out and celebrate National Strawberry Month the right way.