With Passover, this weekend, Fatty Sunday's treats would be the perfect snack or dessert. They carry three different types of matzahs. I was lucky enough to try two different kinds: the sprinkle and toffee.

Let me tell you, you would never expect matzah to taste so good. Personally, I am not a fan of matzah, so when Passover comes around I dread the fact I have to eat matzah. Now with Fatty Sundays new treats, it makes the holiday even better.

Sprinkle Matzah

My personal favorite was the sprinkle matzah. It was like tasting an ice cream sundae in the form of matzah! The matzah has a thin layer of chocolate on the bottom. Then on top is stuffed with millions of sprinkles that makes this treat even more decadent. As we all know sprinkles make everything better! 

Madeline Foreman

Toffee Matzah

The other flavor I tried was their toffee matzah. The toffee flavor was very different from the sprinkle. The toffee matzah was just as sweet, but it had the butterscotch flavor. It was still good however, it was not my favorite. If you're not a fan of butterscotch or caramel, this flavor may not be for you. However, if you like sticky caramel rather than a pile of sprinkles this flavor may be more your cup of tea!

Fatty Sunday's does not only offer matzah. They have chocolate covered pretzels as well as flavored pretzel bites. These are perfect snacks to indulge in when your craving a tasty treat. Fatty Sundays offers an endless amount of flavors. The choices they offer are endless! They offer sprinkles, graham crackers, peanuts, fruity pebbles and more! 

I would definitely recommend these delicious treats! Nothing can be better than pretzels dipped in chocolate or for matzah for Passover dessert! Also, they offer a way to send a gift box of treats to a friend. These would be perfect for a birthday or any special occasion.