Do you ever look at sprinkles and think:

What the heck am I eating?
What smurf makes each little individual sprinkle?
Wow I should’ve asked for extra sprinkles.

Well I do too! So here are your most important sprinkle questions-answered.


Photo by Grace Hagan

What’s in ’em?

Sugar, corn syrup, corn starch, wax, and artificial coloring. Super processed, but really who’s surprised? This won’t stop me from getting sprinkles because honestly, ice cream without sprinkles just looks naked. Even crazy flavors.


Photo by Anna Beckerman

Are chocolate sprinkles really chocolate?

Yes. In addition to the ingredients above, cocoa powder is added to the mixture to give them a chocolate-y taste. I guess that makes rainbow sprinkles…rainbow flavored?

How the heck are they made?

According to Mark Summers from Food Network’s Unwrapped, the sugary mixture is smushed through a machine to make long, pasta-noodle type sprinkles.


Photo courtesy of Food Network’s Unwrapped

These long noodles get broken up, then glazed with sugar water to make them shiny and presentable.

When can I use sprinkles?

The better question is when can’t you use sprinkles. But you can use sprinkles on anything sweet! From donuts…


At first I wasn’t going to eat this. But then I remembered the center of a donut is 100% fat free. So I ate 3.

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…to funfetti cream cheese



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