When it finally hit me that this school year was over and my friends would be graduating in less than a month, I realized it was time to get some gifts. As someone who is constantly looking for the next big food trend and constantly shipping my favorite treats to school, I figured food would be the most appropriate, and most delicious way to show my friends I care.

So, I compiled a list of my favorite treats, guaranteed to satisfy your BFF’s sweet tooth and take some killer Instagrams (because we all know it didn’t really happen if you didn’t take a pic).

1. Baked By Melissa

graduation gifts

Photo courtesy of bakedbymelissa.com

It’s a classic, so it’s gotta be on this list. But seriously what is better than mini cupcakes and macaroons? Check out their celebration boxes for even more fun.

2. Momofuku Milk Bar

graduation gifts

Photo courtesy of milkbarstore.com

Another classic, and another place guaranteed not to disappoint. You really can’t go wrong with anything, but we suggest the birthday truffles. They’re like cake, but bite-size and better.

3. Fatty Sundays

graduation gifts

Photo by Ruby Siegel

Chocolate-covered pretzels are the most underrated dessert. Fatty Sundays takes chocolate-covered pretzels to a WHOLE new level. Covered in sprinkles, toffee, red velvet, peppermint and many other unreal toppings, these pretzels will be the gift your foodie friend never knew they needed. Once they’re in your life, you’ll never want them to leave. (Pssst they also make them gluten-free. You’re welcome.)

4. Jars by Dani

graduation gifts

Photo by Ruby Siegel

Jars by Dani stole my heart from the moment I crossed paths with that little jar of greatness. No joke, these cake jars are out of this world. Plus, they’re the perfect gift. They’re also perfect for taking cake on the go, not something you see every day. You can grab one of Dani’s signature flavors, an assortment, or even a giant bowl to make any party complete.

5. Candy Club

graduation gifts

Photo courtesy of candyclub.com

Candy delivered to your door every month. Enough said. Candy Club curates your monthly box to perfection. Among the great candies on their list are sour lips, gummy butterflies, licorice, sour watermelons, twin cherries and so, so much more.


graduation gifts

Photo courtesy of spotsnyc.com

Damn, Spoon. Back at it again with the mini cupcakes, but this time customized. Lily SPOTS NYC gives customers their choice of birthday cake, brownie batter, red velvet or vanilla-topped with a design of their choice. Just give them 48 hours and the cupcakes with your grad’s face on them (we’re assuming you’re going for some full-face action) will be ready to make them the happiest graduate in all the land.

7. Compartes

graduation gifts

Photo courtesy of compartes.com

These chocolate bars are high on the list of prettiest food to eat, and take pictures of, and save the packaging forever. Check out the “cereal bowl” with white chocolate and cereal. I’ll take 10. Thanks.

8. Cookie DŌ NYC

graduation gifts

Photo courtesy of cookiedonyc.com

Perhaps the only thing better than a cookie is cookie dough, and lots of it. With flavors like Chocolate Dream, Fluffernutter and Snickerdoodle you can’t go wrong. DŌ also comes in gluten-free or vegan options!

9. Treathouse

graduation gifts

Photo courtesy of treathouse.com

Bite-size Rice Krispies with fun toppings, what more can you ask for? Their name is spot-on because these are definitely a treat. Look out for the gluten-free and nut free options also available.

10. Levain Bakery

graduation gifts

Photo courtesy of levainbakery.com

These are the best cookies ever. Seriously. What most people don’t know is that you can order them online, with a bow on top. Take advantage of this one, you will not be let down.