There's something about sweet potatoes that just never gets old. This got me thinking can I spice up the sweet potato? What can I do to make something so delicious that much more exciting? And so, I got to researching. It turns out sweet potatoes can be the star of the show in pretty much anything you choose. Even the most inexperienced of chefs can take part in the fun. Here we go, off exploring the endless possibilities of the sweet potato. 

1. Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows: 

This is such a simple recipe, yet it is so nostalgic. Sweet potatoes with marshmallows is exactly what it sounds like. All you need to do is mash up some sweet potatoes, sweeten them with a sweetener of your choice, and bake them. Once this is warm, you can go ahead and add the marshmallows to broil for a few minutes until you see them getting all ooey-gooey and toasted brown. This recipe truly takes me back to my childhood and will always be a favorite of mine on the Thanksgiving table.

2. Sweet Potato Toast:

If you read my last article, you can see how excited I am about this modern twist on the classic toast. In this article, I decided to highlight the sweet potato aspect of the toast. I mean c'mon...this recipe is too good to be true. All you need to do is slice a sweet potato long ways into "toast-like" thin slices. You pop the sweet potato toast into the toaster for a few minutes and when it is done to your liking, you can add any toppings of your choice. Some of my favorites include peanut butter and avocado. This sweet potato toast is a canvas for creativity. What could be better?

3. Sweet Potato Donuts:

Here's one you don't see everyday. This recipe starts the same way a traditional donut would. You simply boil the sweet potatoes until they become soft. This step could also be done in the microwave. You then mash up the warmed sweet potatoes and add the rest of the ingredients like flour etc. It is here that you can go ahead and shape the donuts. Next, you fry them, dip them in sugar and ta-da! You have created a recipe that will be sure to impress any sweet potato lover!

4. Sweet Potato Pancakes:

If you are like me, you love a good healthy breakfast to start off your day. And better yet, how about a breakfast that is easy to make! All you need to do is mash up a sweet potato after cooking it to get it to become soft. Next, add in the eggs after letting the sweet potato cool. Thirdly, you can add some spices like cinnamon or nutmeg for extra flavoring. If you want to add some sweetener or any extra ingredients like milk you can do that here too. After you are satisfied with your batter, you can scoop your pancakes on a hot greased griddle to cook. I always would recommend syrup and some sort of spice mixture to top the pancakes, but again, you are free to decide!