On any given day, you can find me eating my favorite food: egg-and-cheese on a whole wheat bagel. But one particularly sunny morning, I found myself in egg-and-cheese-lover heaven. Egg Shop is located just outside Chinatown in NYC.

It was here that my beloved egg-and-cheese sandwich took on an entirely different level.

Whether you want your eggs sunny side up warm with feta on a warm buttermilk biscuit, or cold with egg salad and gruyere on a panini roll featuring chimchurri relish…Egg Shop’s egg creations are both tasty, affordable and packed with variety.

The menu boasts original creations and includes a customizable egg-and-cheese section as well as “cruisers”—or an array of bowl creations comparable to Chipotle’s burrito bowl except with eggs.

Egg Shop’s Custom Egg & Cheese selection has eggs ranging from sunny side up with a traditional fried…to egg salad, all with the option to choose your preferred cheese and sauce.  On top of that there is a pretty big variety of breads including the option for a gluten free English muffin, for an extra buck.

Photo courtesy of nobread.com

Can’t make it to breakfast? No worries! Egg Shop is open for dinner with a special menu filled with egg-cellent meals that prove that eggs aren’t only meant for breakfast.

The Drunken Eggs selection boasts fancy items like Roe My Boat—which takes your ordinary salmon roe and pairs it with potato pancakes, sea salt yogurt, cucumber and pickled onion—, and the Nite Cruisers selection offers several creative dinner bowls (of course served with eggs).

Photo courtesy of thrillist.com

From one egg-and-cheese addict to the next: the Egg Shop is a fun, delicious place to feed your addiction both day and night. You’ll leave satisfied, without breaking the bank and maybe with something Instagram-worthy. So go on and get some eggs y’all.

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