January 20th is National Cheese Lover's Day, and if you've never heard of it, then you've been missing out (like me). This is the first year I'm hearing about this holiday, and since I've missed so many opportunities to celebrate it in the past, I'm going to go all out. I'm a true cheese lover. From mozzarella to brie, I'll eat anything covered in cheese (unless it's blue cheese — that's where my limit lies). If you think you're an even bigger cheese eater, then you have to celebrate with these velvety, rich, and, of course, cheesy recipes.

For the Grilled Cheese Lovers 

1. Cheese-Encrusted Grilled Cheese 

cheese, pie, sweet, pastry, cake, meat
Kylie Kinder

With this recipe, you'll never be faced with any bite that is not full of cheesy goodness. Really, it's brilliant. The cheese is what makes the sandwich, so why not go overboard and use it to make a crispy crust that beats the flavor of boring bread?

2. French Onion Soup Grilled Cheese

Amanda Shulman

Say yes to combining a classic cheesy soup with a classic cheesy sandwich, and make this French onion soup grilled cheese. It's like your sandwich is pre-dipped in soup. Making life easier, one sandwich at a time.

3. Spinach and Artichoke Grilled Cheese

chicken, sandwich, spinach
Tess Wei

Is the grilled cheese the most versatile sandwich there ever was? I'm starting to think so. If you're not into dipping your sandwich in soup, but you are into spinach and artichoke dip, make this insane sandwich.

4. Clothing Iron Grilled Cheese

bacon, bread, cheddar, sandwich, cheese
Alex Weiner

If you're reading this from your dorm and crying because you don't have access to a kitchen, fear not. I didn't forget about you. This grilled cheese can be made with some bread, cheese, and a clothing iron. Just don't set your dorm on fire. 

5. Bacon Tomato Grilled Cheese

bacon, cheese, sandwich
Ali Forman

Salty, cheesy, hearty perfection.  

For the Mac and Cheese Lovers

1. Classic Mac and Cheese

spaghetti, tortellini, cheese, sauce, pasta, macaroni
Annie Madole

If you're a true cheese lover, then this is the superior way to eat your pasta, and why mess with the classic when it's this good?

2. Queso Mac and Cheese

Dylan Barth

Looks like mac and cheese is rivaling the grilled cheese sandwich for the easiest food combo partner.

3. Healthy Mac and Cheese

vegetable, sauce, pasta, chicken, spinach
Amanda Shulman

Maybe you're reading this article and feeling hungry, yet concerned about what insane amounts of cheese can do to your health. Okay, I feel you. Try this healthy mac and cheese with spinach, which takes this indulgent food and makes it a bit better for you. 

4. Mac and Cheese Fritters

sauce, cheese, corn, vegetable, meat
Hayden Carder

Or maybe you couldn't care less about health concerns because cheese is life. Make these fried mac and cheese fritters, which instead take this indulgent food and make it even more indulgent.

5. Mac and Cheese in a Mug 

pasta, vegetable
Alex Weiner

I didn't forget about you, dormies. Try making mac and cheese in a mug after you finish devouring your clothing iron grilled cheese.

For the True Cheese Lovers 

1. Homemade Cheese

sweet, dairy product, cheddar, dairy, milk, cheese
Aurelie Corinthios

If you're a born to die cheese lover, you have no excuse. Let everyone know how dedicated you are to the cheese lifestyle. This homemade cheese will be your badge of honor.

2. Cheese Straws

breadstick, chicken, bread, french fries, meat
Christina Cala

Basically fries made out of cheese. What more could a cheese lover want?

3. Pretzel Pizza Mozzarella Sticks

vegetable, bread, meat
Emma Lally

Pizza mozzarella sticks? Sign me up. These pretzels have ooey gooey cheesy goodness in the center that will convert any pizza lover to a cheese lover in no time. 

4. Cheese Fondue

batter, flour, dairy product, bread, milk, cream
Ishaan Pathak

Dip things in it, eat it with a spoon. Who cares? It's a bowl full of melted cheese. The best invention to come out of the 20th century.

5. Baked Brie

dough, sweet, cheese, dairy product, bread, pastry
Emily Chandel

My personal favorite. If brie is your cheese of choice, why not wrap it in carbs and bake it? As we've seen, a true cheese lover knows how to make the indulgent even more indulgent.

If you've managed to make it through this article without ordering some cheesy food or running to your fridge to look for cheese, your willpower is impressive. Everyone should enjoy National Cheese Lover's day by making these recipes. Skip school, eat cheese, it's a holiday.