Brownies are probably one of the best desserts out there because of their consistency and flavor. Brownies can be enjoyed on their own, with ice cream, in a cake, or any way that is desired. While there are many different ways to make classic brownies, one way to elevate them is to add peanut butter to both the inside and outside. If you are a Reese's fanatic or peanut butter lover, then these peanut butter brownie bombs are the perfect treat for you. 

Brownie Bombs Vs Classic Brownies

Brownie bombs differ from classic brownies in their shape, texture, and filling. These peanut butter brownie bombs are filled with peanut butter and then rolled into little circular balls. While you can add peanut butter to the top of a brownie, having the filling on the inside provides an element of surprise with each bite. Classic brownies tend to be less crumbly and softer in their texture and consistency compared to brownie balls which need to be chilled. Brownie bombs do take a little more time to make as their assembly takes slightly longer, but don't let that discourage you from trying them out for yourself. 

How to Make Them

I am neither a chef or baker by any stretch of the imagination, but I was still able to follow a recipe and create these peanut butter brownie bombs. Delish has tons of recipes and what makes theirs stand out is that they have step-by-step directions alongside pictures and videos for those who need more visuals. The recipe for these peanut butter brownie bombs essentially calls for making classic brownies, chilling them, filling them with peanut butter, rolling them into circular balls, chilling them again, and then drizzling chocolate and peanut butter on top. 

It is important to watch the clock when making these because you don't want to waste much time as you can have the brownies baking in the oven while you make the filling with peanut butter and powdered sugar

I would leave about an hour and a half from start to finish when it comes to making this dessert. I found that it took a little more than 5 minutes in the freezer to get them to the consistency where they were not going to fall apart upon taking the first bite. 

Final Thoughts

This dessert is perfect for those people who love peanut butter and want to taste it with every bite. If you or your friends are not the biggest peanut butter fans, I would recommend either using the filling or the drizzle to get a little bit of the peanut butter taste instead of using both which could be overwhelming. This recipe is perfect for bakers of all skill levels and those with a limited amount of kitchen supplies since the recipe only calls for 6 ingredients.

I would definitely make this again, but maybe I would switch it up next time and add Nutella or frosting in the middle to make a slightly different version.