Dash mini-waffle makers have swept the world of Tik-Tok, and let me tell you, they’re a game changer. As a college student stuffed in a tiny dorm room, I have no room for kitchen appliances, and honestly, it’s a whole outing to venture down to the common kitchen. So, these little four-inch heat sources have upgraded my breakfasts beyond question. 

Cora Bainum

You may be thinking, waffles EVERY morning? Sure, that's delicious, but the other options are endless. Here’s a week’s worth of breakfast ideas using a mini waffle maker - all with ingredients that are available from the dining hall or your local Kroger.

Savory Side

First off, toasts. Just take a slice of bread, place it in the waffle maker, and top with the flavors of your choice.

Cora Bainum

My favorite? Avocado toast. To satisfy my Gen-Z identity, I had to invest in an avocado from the grocery store - and at only $0.69 it’s totally worth it. Top that toast with an egg from the grab-n-go spot on campus or the salad bar for a little nutritious boost. Following close behind, we have peanut butter-banana, Nutella-strawberry, or a Mediterranean-hummus combo. The best part, the bread will take on the shape of a waffle, making ideal indents for your toppings of choice.

avocado, bread, guacamole, toast, egg, hummus, spread
Katie Luchette

Next up, consider making the classic egg-based breakfast. Just crack an egg into the mini dash and let it sizzle. While you may not get the perfect, runny yolk of your dreams, this waffle-shaped egg will satisfy that morning . Even consider picking up a side of peppers, onions, or cheese from the dining hall’s salad bar to add a little extra flavor to these waffly eggs.

bacon, scrambled, egg
Mollie White

Sticking to the savory breakfast options, we have a breakfast quesadilla. While tortillas may be a little harder to get your hands on, let me tell you, it’s worth the investment. The taco-sized tortillas are the perfect fit for the mini-Dash. Sandwich the tortilla with a cheese of your choice, veggies, or even eggs, and you’ll get an ooey-gooey breakfast. Top it with some salsa from the campus grocer to level it up even more!

cheese, tomato, pizza, sauce, vegetable, chicken quesadilla, meat, bread, huevos rancheros
Maddie Cole

Looking to use up some leftovers from yesterday’s breakfast or last night’s munchies? You can even pop tater tots into the little power appliance for some extra-crispy hash browns.

potato, onion, bacon, hash
Alex Vu

Sweet Side

Okay, now on to the sweet treats. You may have seen the trends of people experimenting with what a mini-Dash can handle on your #fyp, and cookie dough does not seem to be it. But one of these discoveries was cinnamon rolls. Just find one of those ready-bake cans at the store and pop a roll in the waffle maker. That delicious cinnamon swirl will come out fully cooked and ready to be topped with the classic packet glaze.

cinnamon, cinnamon roll, chocolate, sweet, pastry, cake, cream
Samantha Pollock

Last, but not least, you can use what the mini-Dash's are for: waffles! Get your hands on some pancake/waffle mix and just add water. You’ll have some cute four-inch mini waffles. Stack them high for a Sunday brunch with your friends and enjoy!

Cora Bainum

While some of these may take a little extra effort as compared to the normal cereal breakfast, just think about treating yourself to something hot and flavorful while you sit in your morning zoom class. I promise you, it’ll be worth it.