Being a college student is expensive and hard. Buying meals and snacks every day can add up. Sometimes, you just need a cheap and easy option to satisfy your hunger. Here are the best snacks that are easy to make and cheap for any college student.

Banana and Pumpkin Bread

Madeline Foreman

One of the best snacks to make for any college student is a flavored bread. Pillsbury Banana and Pumpkin bread are both delicious and easy to make. All this mix needs is water, eggs and some vegetable oil which are all cheap and easily accessible. 

I personally make banana bread every week and refrigerate it to make it last all 7 days. I cut the bread into slices and wrap it in saran wrap to keep it fresh. Then I grab a slice every morning before I leave for class. Along with that, I like to add my own twist by adding walnuts.

You can also buy a bread tray for $3 or get a one time pan one for $1. This snack is very affordable for and will last you the week. 

Cinnamon Rolls

Madeline Foreman

Cinnamon Rolls are delicious and easy to make, which is why they qualify as one of the best snacks. You can make a batch and then refrigerate them and take them with you 5 days out of the week and are delicious cold or heated up in the morning.

These rolls cost around $2.50 for 5 and only require a typical oven tray which can be bought for $3-5. This is a delicious snack and is cheap for food 5 days out of the week. 


Madeline Foreman

Muffins are a staple in breakfast foods. They are also easy to make and portable. They are one of the best snacks because they are particularly delicious and customizable. You can make blueberry muffins, chocolate chip, banana nut, etc. The list is endless.

All these muffins need is water, eggs and some vegetable oil which are all cheap and accessible as well. These muffins sell for about $2.50 and the amount depends on how big or small you would like them to be. A muffin pan would also cost around $2.50 totaling a 7-day snack for around $5. This snack can also be conserved in saran wrap and not even needed to be refrigerated (yet it is recommended so they stay fresh longer.)  

Mug Snacks

Madeline Foreman

Mug snacks may not be as easily accessible, but they are great for a speedy snack before you hit the road. This is one of the best snacks because it is also delicious and microwaveable. You do not need a full kitchen to make these snacks, so if you live in a dorm I would heavily consider this option.

This price-tag is a little steeper but it seems worth it for an incredibly easy experience. For four servings it is $4, which means you only get a snack 4 days out of the week. I would not eat this treat everyday but I would use it two times a week when you have enough time to heat it up. Also, all you need is a mug so there is no purchase of any other kitchen item needed. 

Hopefully these options help you come up with new ideas for snacks without breaking your wallets. College life is hard, so remember to eat and stay healthy!