I am always craving desserts, especially late at night, but for some reason, I always seem to be one or two ingredients short. This definitely got worse when I went to college and didn't have my mum stocking up my "must-have dessert ingredients." With the holidays fast approaching, here are 20 2-ingredient dessert recipes for anyone with a sweet tooth.   

1. Banana Oat Cookies 

peanut, butter, peanut butter, granola, caramel
Maia Vernacchia

This cookie recipe is perfect for the overripe and brown bananas sitting in the corner of your kitchen. Every year around this time, I am stuffing my face with sugar cookies, but this year I am going to stuffing my face with these quick, healthy, and delicious banana oat cookies instead.

2. Banana Ice Cream

milk, cream, sweet, dairy product, chocolate
Katie Walsh

This banana ice cream is quick and delicious. You can make a few servings and store them in your freezer to eat later in the week.

3. Peppermint Bark

candy, peppermint, fudge, milk
Laura Santi

Peppermint and chocolate scream "holiday season!" I love peppermint bark, but I realized that packaged peppermint bark can be quite pricey. I started making my own a few months ago. I love making a large batch and keeping it around the house, just in case. This peppermint bark recipe only takes about an hour and I promise you that it certainly will satisfy your chocolate cravings

4. Applesauce

sweet, dairy product, jam, apple
Felice Segall

Technically, this applesauce isn't a dessert, but it's super sweet and is a good alternative to puddings and pie. I've personally made this recipe for a friend who doesn't really enjoy the sour taste of green apples but loves cinnamon... and she raves about it! This recipe is super easy and can last up to a whole week in the fridge.

5. Peanut Butter Fudge

tofu, candy, fudge, sweet
Sarah Lossing

This fudge recipe literally takes a couple of minutes. You can also make this fudge with Nutella instead of peanut butter or throw in some pretzels or even dip it in more chocolate. Sweeten this recipe up if you want—no judgement here! I am probably stuffing my face with chocolate as you read this.

6. Raspberry Jam

berry, sweet, jam, raspberry, gelatin, marmalade, strawberry
Sarah Silbiger

Jam is such an easy thing to make that is both delicious and very cute to give as gifts. I have made jam and given it as holiday gifts to family and friends previously (mostly because I either forgot to get them a gift or I was too lazy to go shopping). This raspberry jam recipe is perfect on top of any toast. 

#SpoonTip: Jam is really good on top of sugar cookies.

7. Nutella Souffle

chocolate, cake, sweet, candy, coffee, pastry, cream
Alex Vu

Nutella and eggs are the only ingredients you need to make this light and sweet dessert. There's not much to say about this souffle recipe because it will leave you speechless...

8. Pumpkin Spice Muffin

pumpkin, sweet
Katherine Carroll

Winter definitely won't be winter without a recipe using pumpkin spice. The best part about these pumpkin spice muffins is that they take less than an hour to make.

9. Coconut Macaroons

chocolate, cream, eclair
Gabby Phi

Are you craving coconut? This macaroon recipe makes 25 servings in just 30 minutes. A quick and yummy dessert that you can share with your friends and family or you can just finish them all by yourself. They're so good that you probably won't be able to keep your hands off of them

10. Edible Chocolate Bowl

The best thing about this chocolate bowl recipe (other than the fact that it is chocolate) is that you can pair this dessert with other ones. For example, how delicious does banana ice cream sound on top of an edible chocolate bowl.

11. No-Bake Cake

chocolate, coffee, cream, sweet, milk, dairy product
Danielle Biskner

I've seen many "no-bake cake" recipes, but this one really surprised me because the only ingredients needed for this cake recipe are cake mix and soda. I have to admit that I was a disbeliever at first, but after I tried it I was obsessed. This one definitely won't disappoint.

12. Lemonheads

sweet, honey, candy, gelatin, jam
Cassandra Bauer

This sour and tasty candy is not a typical dessert option, but I thought that these Lemonheads would look so cute on gingerbread houses.

13. Nutella Bread

cake, sweet, pastry, chocolate, cookie, jam, candy
Eileen Wang

This Nutella bread recipe is one of my favorites. First, this dessert has Nutella in it, and anything with Nutella just speaks to me on a personal level. Also don't let the braid fool you into thinking this recipe is difficult. This will only take you about 25 minutes and is super easy!

14. Affogato

coffee, espresso, milk, cappuccino, cream
Emily Chu

Affogato. A perfect combination of hot and cold and a perfect recipe for all my fellow caffeine lovers.

15. Chocolate Mousse

chocolate, cream, mousse, chocolate mousse, milk, dairy product, ice, sweet, chocolate ice cream
Jeanne Kessira

This chocolate mousse recipe takes about six minutes to make and is seriously good.

16. Nutella-Stuffed Waffle

pumpkin, cream
Luna Zhang

Start your day right with some warm, tasty waffles filled with Nutella. Who says you can't have dessert for breakfast?

17. Coconut Cookie Dough Ball

chocolate, coconut, sweet, peanut, milk
Lilly Pandis

This cookie dough recipe only requires coconut butter and dates. I personally like adding chocolate chips to my cookie dough because the sweeter, the better.

18. Nutella Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate, Reading, cozy, blanket, Winter
Emma Salters

This hot chocolate recipe is absolutely perfect for wintertime. Grab your favorite mug, pour in some amazing hot chocolate, and snuggle up with a great book.

19. Doughnuts

chocolate, candy, sweet, doughnut, pastry, cookie, cake, cinnamon, beignets
Kelly McAdam

Doughnuts are perfect for any season or holiday. There are so many toppings you can put on these adorable doughnuts and take aesthetic photos. Try adding some sprinkles, drizzling on some frosting, or even sprinkling on some crushed nuts. 

20. Chocolate Truffles

I think truffles are great holiday gifts to give to family and friends. Truffles tend to get pretty pricey though, so I was happy to find a simple truffle recipe that can save me tons of money, tastes great, and is fairly easy to make. Plus these truffles are vegan and gluten-free!

I guarantee that these 2-ingredient dessert recipes will for sure satisfy your dessert cravings and keep you happy during the holiday season.