March 17th is, hands down, one of my favorite days to look forward to. Call it enthusiasm or call it an obsession, but my love for St. Patrick’s Day likely stems from an undeniable Irish pride passed down by my ancestors. Or could it be the realization that I get to spend a day with craft brews and bougie twists on Baileys Irish cream recipes? As I approach my first St. Paddy’s above the age of 21, it seems only natural to create a list of Baileys-infused recipes to get into the holiday spirit.

Although St. Paddy’s is often an excuse to rally around alcohol, there is history and pride behind all of those Baileys and Jamesons of the world. What started as a religious feast to honor Ireland’s patron saint has turned into a day where everyone—everywhere—can don their green and be Irish for a day. Between the "Kiss me" shirts and the green city rivers, I hope crowds will remember the rich heritage that brought these traditions to life. A heritage that might resonate with more people than you think—after all, Irish is the second-most commonly reported ancestry in the United States. So feast your eyes on these 17 clever uses for Baileys Irish Cream to kick off a great green weekend. (#SpoonTip: we even have Guinness and Jameson fans covered.) Slainte, lads!

 1. Baileys Marshmallow White Hot Chocolate 

cream, milk, sweet, chocolate, dairy product, yogurt
Allie Hicks

Throw some marshmallows and green sprinkles on top of some whipped cream and start your day with this warm and festive drink! I wouldn't mind finding this at the end of a rainbow.

2. Baby Guinness 

Known as “Mini Guinneii,” these bad boys consist of dark-colored liqueur (I like Kahlua) with Baileys floated on top for a shot-glass-sized Guinness. My goodness. #SpoonTip: to “float” the Baileys, pour it over the back of a spoon to create a layer above the coffee liqueur.

3. Baileys French Toast

french toast, sweet, cake, toast, syrup, pastry, bread, honey
Ellen Gibbs

If you're all-in, your St. Paddy’s might start around 6 am. However, your roommates won't be fond of that early morning wake up call. So offer them this hazelnut dream, plus a little liquid courage, and they’ll forgive you in no time. 

4. Baileys Pumpkin Spice Mudslide

A drink as basic as your non-Irish friends living vicariously through your heritage today. These sweet mudslides are also a great way to fool yourself that you haven’t actually started drinking yet.

5. Baileys Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Shalayne Pulia

Not your mother’s Sunday morning pancakes. Unless, maybe, she’s Irish.

6. Baileys Grasshopper

Classy drinking on St. Patrick’s Day? At least you tried.

7. Irish Coffee

Tips for surviving St. Paddy's include drinking caffeine and eating carbs. Does boozy caffeine count?

8. Baileys Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownie

Faith Branch

If caramel and chocolate are in the same sentence, I’m already feeling lucky. 

9. Irish Slammer or Irish Car Bomb

If you’re a “hit the ground running” kind of person, this order will have you happy in minutes. However, be warned that you’ll also be hungover soon thereafter. For another hard-core whiskey-cream shot, go for a Belfast Bomber or a B-52 shot.

10. Baileys Chocolate Cake Raspberry Glasses

chocolate, cream, sweet, ice, mousse, milk
Mehak Dhawan

Raspberries are red, shamrocks are green, chocolate goes best with Baileys Irish cream.

11. Baileys Birthday Cake Shots

This is a sympathy attempt for anyone whose March 17th birthday is completely overshadowed by the most drunken day of the year.

12. Baileys Chocolate Shamrock Cookies

Say that 10 times fast. Bonus: you can also make these with double the chocolate and salted caramel

13. The Princess and The Pirate Shot

Just a Bailey looking for Captain Morgan to sweep her off those step-dancing feet. #SpoonTip: Add whipped cream and sprinkle nutmeg and/or edible gold sprinkles for an extra flair.

14. Baileys Chocolatini

There are two things I will never turn down: one is a free Guinness, the other is chocolate. Get chocolate wasted here.

15. Baileys Oreo Truffles

chocolate, milk, candy, sweet, cream, milk chocolate
Izzi Clark

Upgrade deliciousness by adding 3-4 tbsp Baileys Irish Cream to this Oreo Truffle recipe#SpoonTip: top with green and white sprinkles.

16. Baileys Chai Tea

chai, tea, latte, chaitea
Rebecca Buechler

For the "adult" friend that prefers sitting back and watching his/her friends get drunk.

17. Baileys Caramel Mousse

cream, ice, dairy product, milk, sweet, chocolate
Maddie Lanier

Smooth and boozy. Why drink alcohol when you can savor it with chocolate?

There are a surprising number of ways that you can dress up your Baileys. Add some creativity and some spirit to your St. Patrick’s Day with these ideas. It’s a great day to celebrate all things Irish, but please drink responsibly. Erin go bragh!