St. Patrick’s day just isn’t the same without a pint of Ireland’s finest. But if you can’t down this stout with a straight face, we’ve found a few different ways you can enjoy a Guinness come March 17th. Cheers, and instead, eat up.

Guinness-Marinated Chicken

Guinness-Infused Recipes

Photo by Katherine Richter

Trust us, this soy sauce based marinade is a game changer.

Guinness Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Guinness-Infused Recipes

Photo by Leigh Needham

When you hear St. Patrick’s day, you don’t often think about a barbecue, but this recipe doesn’t require you to stand outside as winter comes to an end. Celebrate St. Patrick’s day this year, but with an American style.

Guinness Pancakes

Guinness-Infused Recipes

Photo courtesy of BetsyLife

Instead of milk, this recipe calls for Guinness to any pancake mix. Super easy and it gives you even more of an excuse to add chocolate syrup and whipped cream to your breakfast.

Guinness Muffins

Guinness-Infused Recipes

Photo by Catherine Ku

Made to be either savory or sweet, depending on how you make this recipe, start out your St. Patty’s day with boozy muffins for breakfast. Who said champagne or vodka were the only kinds of alcohol you could have at brunch?

Guinness Bloody Mary

Guinness-Infused Recipes

Photo courtesy of Waiting on Martha

You might want to save this recipe for March 18th. No one said you have to celebrate St. Patrick’s for only one day.

Guinness and Cheese Dip

Guinness-Infused Recipes

Photo courtesy of But I’m Hungry

This easy recipe will have you dipping for more.

Guinness-Battered Onion Rings

Guinness-Infused Recipes

Photo courtesy of Serious Eats

You can never go wrong with onion rings. Everyone likes onion rings. Try these onion rings battered in Guinness and everyone will be happy.

Guinness-Glazed Nuts

Guinness-Infused Recipes

Photo courtesy of ZagLeft

Having a pint while snacking on some peanuts at the bar usually calls for a good night, but what if you actually mixed the two together? Check out this awesome recipe here.

Guinness Breadsticks

Guinness-Infused Recipes

Photo courtesy of Top with Cinnamon

Our friends at Top with Cinnamon have created a 3-ingredient breadstick recipe. As the Barefoot Contessa would say, “How easy is that?!”

Corned Beef Tacos with a Guinness Dipping Sauce

Guinness-Infused Recipes

Photo courtesy of Tasty Trials

An unlikely pairing, but who doesn’t love tacos? Try out this recipe here.

Guinness Beef Stew

Guinness-Infused Recipes

Photo courtesy of Wonky Wonderful

If you’re trying to up your cooking skills this year, we highly recommend this recipe from Wonky Wonderful.

Guinness and Chocolate Milkshake

Guinness-Infused Recipes

Photo by Everett Putnam-Mackey

Boozy shakes and floats are often the kinds of desserts that are overlooked, but now’s the time to try them. We created this recipe last St. Patty’s day and we can guarantee that it will keep the celebrations going well into the night.

Guinness Float

Guinness-Infused Recipes

Photo by Daniel Schuelman

Here’s that float we just mentioned.

Guinness Cupcakes with Bailey’s Buttercream

Guinness-Infused Recipes

Photo courtesy of Tide & Thyme

Extra boozes means an extra good time this St. Patrick’s day. Try this recipe, especially if you feel like staying in and baking this year.

Guinness-Pretzel Truffles

Guinness-Infused Recipes

Photo courtesy of Sprinkle Bakes

Get fancy this St. Patrick’s day with some this homemade truffles recipe.

Guinness Margaritas

Guinness-Infused Recipes

Photo courtesy of Heather Christo

Pair the corned beef tacos with this drink and you might mistake St. Patrick’s day for the newly-found Taco Thursday.

Irish Car Bomb Jell-o Shots

Guinness-Infused Recipes

Photo courtesy of Endless Simmer

If you plan on getting straight blattered, as the Irish might say, then put a twist on a classic drink by making them into Jell-shots. The recipe can be found here.