I consider ice cream to be its own food group and enjoy it year-round no matter the weather. But as much as I love a waffle cone loaded with dreamy mint chocolate chip ice cream, even I have to admit that I sometimes get bored of eating ice cream on its own. Enter: these bomb ice cream dessert recipes. Featuring decadent ingredients like cookies, donuts, whipped cream, and ice cream (duh), these desserts all require less than 20 minutes of prep. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for the ice cream to fully refreeze in some of these recipes before you dig into them.

#SpoonTip: For ice cream dessert recipes that call for cookies or other baked goods, make sure to let them cool completely before adding the ice cream. You’ll end up with a soupy (but delicious) mess otherwise. 

1. 2-Ingredient Ice Cream Sandwich 

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Collette Block

A classic staple with so many ways to switch it up. Try using more than one ice cream flavor or mixing it up with different types of cookies. You can also roll the sides of the sandwich in toppings like chocolate chips or M&M's. 

2. Deconstructed Ice Cream Sandwich Milkshake

Jayna Goldstein

Instead of vanilla ice cream, I prefer to use mint chocolate chip ice cream (or whatever flavor I'm craving) in this recipe. My favorite combo is cake batter ice cream as the milkshake base with a cut-up funfetti cupcake on top.

3. Root Beer Float

Day 364 - CY365 - Cozy Indulgence

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This really is the perfect root beer float. Scoop vanilla ice cream into the bottom of a mug, then fill with your favorite root beer. Watch as the lower density ice cream (#chemistry) floats to the top and then enjoy.

4. "Fried" Ice Cream

Photo of Deep Fried Ice Cream

Foodista on Flickr

Why take the extra time to fry your ice cream when you can fake it? This no-fry ice cream recipes tastes like the same thing (minus the crispy outsides being hot) and can be ready moments after your craving hits.

5. Ice Cream Coffee Float

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Cody Corrall

Caffeine + ice cream = breakfast of champions. Why not combine your favorite food with your favorite drink for the best pick-me-up around? 

6. Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

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Could there be anything more delectable than cute, neatly pre-cut ice cream sandwich cubes? This recipe is easy to make with store-bought ice cream sandwiches. If you have more time, you can make your own sheet of brownies to sandwich the ice cream. 

7. S'mores Sundae 

The classic summer camp treat reimagined. Don't limit your scrumptious summer pleasure to basic chocolate bars and marshmallows. Go all out and stuff your graham crackers with cookie dough ice cream. Add peanut butter cups for a burst of flavor in every bite

8. Affogato

Rich vanilla ice cream is topped simply with a shot of espresso in this Italian affogato recipe. This is traditionally enjoyed after dinner, but I'd use decaf coffee instead if you're eating this late at night. 

9. Homemade Ben and Jerry's Half Baked

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Lila Thulin

Save some money by making your favorite Ben & Jerrys' flavor at home. Make sure to bake the brownies until they're just barely cooked so that they stay super gooey when mixed into the ice cream.

10. Nutella-Stuffed Ice Cream Donut

This is one of my favorite recipes because you get to feel like a pastry chef for 20 minutes while using piping bags. For bite-size snacks, use donut holes instead of a full donut. 

#SpoonTip: Check out this video for how to make your own piping bags.

11. Ice Cream Wafflewiches

Breakfast, chocolate, ice-cream, Waffles
Akhila Anand

Instead of breakfast for dinner, why not have breakfast for dessert? Combine two dessert favorites for the ultimate sweet treat. For extra flavor, put chocolate chips or sprinkles in your waffle batter or add whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top.

12. Frozen Peppermint Delight 

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Ethan Cappello

This peppermint bark is super easy to prepare, but freezing it can actually take up to a day or two. For the best results, prepare the mix and pour it into a pan to freeze a few days before you plan on serving it.

13. Rum-Spiked Samoa Milkshake

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Unsplash on unsplash

Girl Scout Cookies and alcohol? Yes, this is real and you can make this rum-spiked Samoa milkshake in under 20 minutes! Luckily, you don't need the Samoa cookies in order to make the milkshake, so it's perfect for keeping yourself satisfied during those months without Girl Scout cookie sales. 

14. Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie

Emma Lally

 A sweet and salty match made in heaven, this peanut butter ice cream pie is the perfect treat to satisfy any craving. The salty bite of the pretzels perfectly balances out the sweetness of the peanut butter ice cream; and, to top it off, the rich chocolate fudge engulfs the entire thing in a pool of heaven.

15. Candy Bar Milkshake Sundae

Dessert, wafer, ice cream and chocolate HD photo by Flavio Shibata (@shibataskaterock2018) on Unsplash

Unsplash on unsplash

Basically everything you've ever wanted to have for dessert all in one shake. Top it off with your favorite candy bar for a customized drink made just for you!

Now that you'll be dreaming about ice cream for the rest of eternity, make sure to find the best ice cream shop near you and stock up. My favorite brand of ice cream is Häagen-Dazs because their flavors are super unique and crazy rich in taste and they don't use any thickeners or in their flavors. Of course, any brand will work perfectly in these ice cream dessert recipes.