On Friday nights, especially the Friday nights before a home game, Jack, Johnnie, and José are our main boys. However, come Saturday morning, they may be our worst nightmares. Game days come with hangovers, more drinking, bright lights, crowds, and noise.

You may spend your morning with your head in your hands wanting to give up on the day (especially if you have the misfortune of going to Mississippi State and have to deal with the cowbells).

As much as I wish I could, I can't tell you there's some magic cure to being hungover or sobering up. I wish that I could tell you it's as simple as a cup of coffee, a cold shower, several tacos, or an awkward encounter with your ex, but I've discovered that none of those things really work. 

To help you survive game day, I've rounded up the best hangover recipes to ensure your school spirit never wavers. 

1. Chicken Sandwich 

chicken, sandwich, meat, bread, bun
Kelly Redfield

In my short 22 years of life, I have learned that there are few problems in life that Jesus and Chick-fil-A can’t fix. Whether it’s starting your day off with a chicken biscuit or, if you’re lucky enough to have an evening game, a chicken sandwich, you can’t go wrong.

If you're too hungover to go to the drive-thru, try making your own chicken sandwich. I recommend pairing your meal with something simple like a water or Sprite.

2. Omelets

vegetable, cheese, tomato, salad
Clarisse Callahan

This is my best friend's personal go-to. It's light enough to not make you feel worse, but still heavy enough to where you're no longer feeling starving. Believe it or not, the perfect omelette is just a few microwave minutes away.

3. Bloody Mary 

sweet, jam, honey, syrup
Phoebe Melnick

We've all heard the term "hair of the dog," which refers to the alcohol that is consumed to lessen a hangover. When it comes to trying out "hair of the dog," a Bloody Mary should always be your go-to. To get in the alcohol you (maybe don't) need and some food into your stomach, try out this epic Bloody Mary garnished with pancakes, bacon, and an egg. 

4. Toast

avocado, bread, guacamole, toast, egg, hummus, spread
Katie Luchette

If you're waiting until after you're already hungover to fill your stomach with something other than alcohol, you may be too late.  However, toast could be the perfect thing to help you feel a little better.  I find plain toast to be boring and completely unappealing, which is why I love making avocado and egg toast.

 5. Bagels

candy, chocolate, sprinkles, sweet, cream, goody
Angela Pizzimenti

Remember how I just said plain toast is boring? Bagels are a much more exciting option. I've personally always found bagels to be comfort food after a night of having too much fun. Bagels are also a perfect addition to any game day tailgate. Mix it up and make your own rainbow bagels with funfetti cream cheese next time you're hungover.

6. Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole 

cheese, egg, omelet, meat
Emma Lally

This delicious mixture of eggs, bacon, tater tots, and cheese is something that your hungover self will thank you for. Your friends will also thank you because this recipe makes more than enough to share.  You're all welcome. 

7. Chicken Wings

Alex Waxenbaum

This one is for all of you that aren't really into the whole breakfast food thing. We can all agree that chicken wings are one of the best things to ever be invented, and this recipe for waffle-battered chicken wings changes the whole game.  

8. Pizza Rolls

sweet, pastry, bread
Benjamin Martin

If chicken and waffles is still a little too breakfasty for your taste, you should give pizza rolls a try.  This is something else that will go amazingly with your tailgate and will help you get back to feeling 100%.  

9. French Fries

pasta, macaroni, sauce, penne, cheese, basil, parmesan, vegetable
Chelsea Hawk

As with Chick-fil-A and Jesus, I have never faced a problem that some really good french fries couldn't fix. I know that really good fries (like really good guys) are hard to find, so use these three simple recipes to make your own. In fact, they're so simple you can make them in your dorm room. 

10. Grilled Cheese

meat, cake, pastry, sweet, pie, cheese
Kylie Kinder

If you're looking for something that will get you out the door and feeling more like yourself in minutes, you cannot go wrong with a grilled cheese.  In the name of keeping things from being boring, make a cheese-encrusted grilled cheese instead. 

11. Fried Pickles 

Elizabeth Layman

Huffington Post released an article saying that pickle juice can help your hangover because of the salty electrolytes it contains. If you don't fancy drinking pickle juice, you can take this southern girl's advice and just reach for the fried pickles

12. Tacos

tacos, chili, beef, cheese, vegetable, meat, tomato, bread
Hailey Nelson

Gilmore Girls first introduced the idea of tacos as a hangover food to me years before I could even drink. Now that I can, I thank them for it. These mini taco bowls  will have people at your tailgate talking about something other than how hungover you are.

13. Mimosas

juice, cocktail, wine, champagne, ice, beer, Mimosa, brunch, bottomless mimosa
Jocelyn Hsu

If you're going the "hair of the dog" route but don't care for Bloody Mary's, then a mimosa should be your go-to drink. For a fun spin on a classic drink, try making a mimosa smoothie.

I hope that you look better than you feel, that you make it until at least halftime without getting sick, and that your team wins (unless they're playing Ole Miss).