There are few people who don't like potatoes in some form. The basic potato is usually a side dish staple but it can be easy to fall into a rut with the types of potatoes you make. While fries are delicious, it can be nice to mix things up once in a while. Here are some recipes that take potatoes to the next level.

1. Cheesy Sweet Potato Wedges

Lauren D'Amore

Cheese and potatoes? What could be a better combination? These sweet potato wedges are a delicious take on basic pan-fried potatoes. They are almost like a healthier version of cheese fries, and who doesn't love cheese fries?

2. Baked Sriracha Potato Chips

Mary Sullivan

It turns out you don't need to head to your grocery store to get Siracha potato chips because they are actually very easy to make at home. These chips give more of a kick than most potato chip flavours.

3. Garlic Roasted Potatoes

chicken, pepper, parsley, potato, meat, vegetable
Mackenzie Barth

Garlic and potatoes go so well together, especially when they are both roasted together and the potatoes get a chance to absorb the garlic's flavour. Making roasted potatoes is simple too because you just dump everything in the oven and only have to check on them once.

4. Cinnamon Honey Sweet Potatoes

sweet, tofu
Wallis Linker

The combination of cinnamon, honey, and sweet potato makes this dish almost feel like a dessert. The sweet potatoes themselves get soft and creamy after they are roasted and feel a little bit like Thanksgiving sweet potatoes (minus the marshmallows).

5. Hasselback Baked Potatoes

meat, bread, pastry, pork, beef
Amanda Shulman

These Hasselback potatoes sound and look fancy. While they may seem very impressive, they aren't that hard to make at home. These potatoes are like the baked potato's much fancier cousin.

6. 5 Ingredient Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

Megan Seligman

For college students, the fewer ingredients the better. This recipe uses mini potatoes which help cut time since the less time spent chopping the better.

7. Potato Soup with Bacon, Cheddar and Scallion

dairy product, milk, vegetable, soup, cream
Christine Chang

This isn't your average soup, it's similar to a loaded baked potato except in soup form. It's so creamy and decadent you may end up preferring it to regular baked potatoes. It can also be made in much less time than baked potatoes since canned soup is used for the recipe.

8. Sweet Potato Latkes with Curried Ketchup

meat, carrot, vegetable, chicken, sweet, sweet potato
Katherine Baker

If you're unfamiliar with what latkes are, they are almost like potato pancakes and are commonly associated with Hannukah. These latkes put a spin on the original recipe by using sweet potatoes instead of normal ones. Once you've had the curried ketchup it's going to be hard to go back to the regular stuff.

9. Pan-Roasted Garlic Parmesan Potatoes With Bacon

beef, pork, sauce, vegetable, meat
Renee Chiu

When it comes to potatoes, you can never have too much cheese or garlic. Pan-roasting these potatoes instead of roasting them in the oven decreases the amount of time spent making them and makes it a good recipe for the summer.

10. Guacamole Loaded Sweet Potato Skins

guacamole, avocado
Maddie Cole

While basic potato skins are great, potato skins with guacamole are even better. It's almost as though avocado toast and potato skins combined into one food to create this recipe. 

11. Loaded Mashed Potato Bomb

bread rolls, pastry, potato, dough, bread
Kylie McCool

Mashed potatoes can sometimes be the ultimate comfort food, but they can get a bit boring at times. This recipe turns basic mashed potatoes into a baked treat that can be eaten with your fingers. These mashed potatoes are anything but boring.

12. Loaded Cheesy Potato Nachos

ravioli, cheese
Audrey Mirabito

The only thing better than nachos are nachos made with potatoes instead of tortilla chips. The potatoes are coated with a layer of melted cheese and are topped with all the classic baked potato toppings. It's hard to stop at just one slice of these potatoes.

These recipes prove that the humble potato can become anything but boring if you get a little creative. Try out some of these recipes and enjoy the change from your usual potato dishes.