Hungry, but don't have enough money to go out? Or maybe you want to have some simple recipes on hand for when there's a time crunch and you need to make something fast. In that case, these are a few simple ground beef recipes that can help you get started on the right path!

1. The Cheeseburger

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Katie Kasperson

Yes, I know I said that there is more than just a cheeseburger, but that doesn't mean it's not included in this list! The cheeseburger is a classic - I mean, who can resist a seasoned beef patty and melted cheese between a toasted bun? Here's an easy recipe to help guide you in making yours.

2. Tacos

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Kathleen Lee

When I make my beef tacos, I usually use two pounds of ground beef and Old El Paso Seasoning. I then grab a soft shell (or hard, if you are that type of person) and fill it. From there, add whatever toppings you want, including cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, and more! If you're feeling creative, experiment with making your own taco seasoning.

3. Beef Casseroles

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Image from WikiCommons

Personally, this isn't one of my favorite dishes, but casseroles do have benefits! For anyone in a time crunch, casseroles are easy to make the night before and then throw in the oven for about 20-40 mins whenever you want to eat and enjoy a good meal. Here are a few beef casserole recipes to help you get started.

4. Green, Red, Yellow, Etc. Stuffed Peppers

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Again, I'm not much of a peppers person (let alone stuffed), so when I make this, I usually just eat the meat inside the pepper. That being said, peppers are a great source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium, as well as iron. They're also low in calories. So, if you want a fully balanced meal that is not only good for you but comes in fun colors, stuffed peppers is the meal for you (and it could be a creative way to get kids to eat their vegetables). There are many ways to make this (and let's be honest, you probably already have your own way), but if not, here's one idea to help you get started.

5. Chili or Stew

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Hannah Latour

Since it's November and we're in the colder part of the year, a stew or chili is an absolutely PERFECT dinner to make that won't break your budget. Here's a simple chili recipe by Ree Drummond that you can make in a crockpot in your dorm room!

6. Stir Fry

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Zoe Gavil

Chinese stir fry! Yum-yum and super easy. This is another recipe that depends on personal taste. Personally, I use white rice as my base and then add broccoli, mushrooms, beef (duh), carrots, soy sauce, and an egg. Just put all your meats and vegetables together in a pan and let them cook.

7. Swedish Meatballs

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Rachel Davis

I'm going to be honest, my favorite version of these are the ones that the furniture store IKEA makes. However, if you don't have an IKEA near you, here's a recipe that is simple enough to follow.

8. Spaghetti and Meatballs

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Unsplash on unsplash

Spaghetti and meatballs is probably another recipe that everyone cooks in a slightly different way. Yes, it can be homemade, but sometimes the easiest way to make this is to buy the sauce, pasta, and meatballs pre-made.

9. Bacon and Cheeseburger Pasta

One of my favorites growing up was hamburger helper, and the video above takes that a step further by adding bacon and being homemade.

10. Beef and Broccoli with Rice

Orange Beef and Broccoli

alanagkelly on Flickr

This is just as simple as the stir fry. It's three ingredients (broccoli, rice, and beef), plus a few spices here and there. So easy!

11. Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

This classic sandwich, which was invented by Pat Olivieri in Philadelphia, is made with thinly sliced, sauteed rib eye beef and melted cheese on a long, crusty roll that (depending on the person) can also come with peppers and onions. 

12. Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes

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We've all had this at some point in time (and have probably seen it in the classic Manwich commercials!) If you want to try making your sloppy Joe recipe from scratch, here's a good recipe to try.