In case you haven't heard, Hawaiian poké bowls are taking over the mainland restaurant scene (they're even going abroad). And it's no wonder why they're such crowd-pleasers, as there are so many ways to make your poké bowl your own. 

After you choose from an array of cubed fish like tuna and octopus and bases like white rice, brown rice, or quinoa, you can throw on different veggies. Top it off with sauces like soy or ponzu, sesame seeds or avocado and you've got yourself a healthy lunch or dinner. There are also vegetarian takes on poké –using tofu or chopped vegetables as a main and seaweed or kelp noodle salad as a base is the perfect option for that don't eat fish. And to honor this trend of deconstructed sushi, although poké bowls have really been around for centuries, here's a roundup of 11 of the most Insta-worthy poké bowl recipes. 

1. Ahi Tuna Poké Bowl with Seasoned Rice

vegetable, salad, rice, pepper, cucumber
Angela Pizzimenti

All this can be yours in a matter of 15 minutes. Read that again – 15 minutes! With that little prep and cook time, making this poké bowl recipe at home is a no-brainer. With seasoned rice to taste especially flavorful, some ahi tuna, and avocado, of course, you're set for a delicious dinner.

2. Salmon Avocado Poké

vegetable, seafood, rice
Evan Wu

Guys, it's poké inside of an avocado. Baked eggs have nothing on this salmon and garlic shrimp combo. For a fun twist on the traditional poké presentation, ditch the bowl and make these appetizers for a dinner party or just to enjoy yourself as you binge Netflix. 

3. Spicy Tuna Crunch Poké Bowl

peanut, chicken, rice, peanut butter, butter, teriyaki, tofu, curry, sauce
Alex Kaneshiro

If you like a little crunch with your poké, this spicy tuna poké bowl recipe is right up your alley. With a handful of wonton crisps thrown atop yellowfin tuna, Sriracha mayo, and steamed rice, this spicy tuna poké bowl gives you an extra snap, crackle, and pop with your first bite .

4. Top Chef's: Brooke Williamson's Lomi-lomi Salmon Poké Bowl

While tuna may be the traditional fish, Top Chef's Brooke Williamson's clean and fresh approach to this lomi-lomi salmon bowl is an excellent option for a post-work dinner. But make sure when you pick out your salmon that it looks almost translucent and doesn't smell fishy. The fishy smell is a tell tale sign it's not fresh.

5. DIY Tuna Poké Bowl

vegetable, tomato, pepper, salad
Haley Greco

Adding toppings to your poké bowl are always the creative final touch, this colorful DIY tuna poké bowl recipe features some fruity highlights like mango and mandarin oranges. 

6. Shoyu Ahi Poké Bowl

For a nice meal for two (roomie date, maybe?), this Shoyu ahi poké bowl recipe can sure come in handy. While it requires two types of onions, which are not necessarily my fave, it's doused in soy sauce and is prepared with sushi-grade Ahi tuna and an optional few dashes of layu (chili oil) to add a little spice. 

7. DIY Salmon Poké Bowl

Winner of ABC's The Taste, Gabe Kennedy, is here to show us how to follow a poké bowl recipe, "sent from the surf gods." By mixing mirin and rice wine vinegar with your warm rice, you can find the most temperate juxtaposition to your cold, marinated salmon poké for a "hot n cold" dining experience. 

8. Ahi Poké Bowl

With black rice as a base and chopped macadamia nuts or cashews as an additional topping, this Ahi poké bowl strays from the typical options of white rice, brown rice, or even quinoa. However, no one said different wasn't fun, so for a new spin on the trend, definitely give this recipe a second look.

9. Salmon Poké with Creamy Togarashi Sauce

If you like salmon but want something a little creamier, this salmon poké bowl recipe hits all the right notes. However, be warned, it comes with a kick of spice. This recipe includes ginger, Sriracha, and ground black pepper.

10. Shoyu Ahi Tuna Poké Quinoa Bowl

Try out this Shoyu Ahi tuna poké bowl recipe with quinoa as a base. While quinoa may not be the first choice for a base among Hawaiians, that doesn't mean you should knock it before you try it.

11. Spicy Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon Poké Bowl

It's got tang. It's got sweetness. And did I mention spice? This sockeye salmon poké bowl recipe is only 296 calories per serving and is certainly an Insta-worthy final product that'll give you a healthy kickstart to the rest of your week.

If you haven't caught onto the poké bowl craze yet, I urge you, just take a chance and try the cubed sashimi phenomenon. It tastes great, is a quick bite, and, as you might have noticed, is ubiquitous. And if you don't want to spend the dough, you can very easily make these poké bowl recipes in the comfort of your own kitchen.