With so many new Poké restaurants opening in LA, it seems to be a pretty trendy meal that's (hopefully) here to stay. Not only do the pictures of poké turn out pretty well, but it also tastes delicious. Ever since trying my first poké bowl over a year ago, I've been craving it for every meal (even breakfast).

No matter what state, city, or neighborhood I am in, I'm always in search of a good poké bowl. After doing some exploring, I put together a list of the 11 best poké spots in LA, all of which will not disappoint. 

Sweetfin Poké 

Sweetfin poké is in Santa Monica and has to be one of my all time favorite restaurants. The menu has a few signature bowls and a build-your-own choice, which includes five free toppings. 

Wiki Poki

This hidden gem is not only known for the spicy edamame, but also their great prices. This Korea town restaurant's poke bowls are only $10 or less, depending on your toppings and choice of two sides. 

Ohana Poke Co.

Although Ohana Poké Co. does offer the usual tuna, salmon, and albacore options, the restaurant is known for its more obscure options like Korean octopus and garlic prawns. 

Spinfish Poke House 

Similar to Sweetfin Poké, this Pasadena (and more recently Santa Monica) restaurant offers both signature and build-your-own bowls. Some of their most popular bowls include the Caribbean bowl with hamachi and mango salsa, and the Aloha 808, filled with different Hawaiian ingredients. 


Okipoki not only has poke bowls, but also sushiritos and poke burgers that will make any instagrammer, foodie, sushi-lover, or person in general very happy. 

Mainland Poke Shop

At Mainland Poke, you will find amazing quality fish with their toro and salmon belly fish. This poke shop also changes things up with their Sriracha aioli and coconut sauce in addition to the classic shoyu and soy sauces. 


This Anaheim and Hollywood restaurant not only has an amazing name, but also has a pretty awesome menu. Of course, they have the classic bowls, but PokiNometry also offers poke wraps and poke dip, which is definitely any poke lover's heaven. 


Like most of these poké restaurants, Wildpoké has both the signature bowls and the build-your-own bowl. Unlike most poké restaurants, the menu includes an "ocean special" fish option and a gluten- and dairy-free menu.

Poke N Roll

At Poke N Roll, you can choose two types of fish, three sides, and one sauce. They have some special fish options like unagi (eel), salmon skin, and escolar, which most Poke restaurants don't offer. Although the place is kind of small, most people order take-out so it isn't as hard to find a table as you might think. 

PokeMix by Flour + Tea 

Since PokeMix was created by Flour + Tea, it's no surprise that poke is not the only thing customers come here for. This restaurant is known for their boba tea and other tea options.

The Poke Shack

This Venice restaurant will have food on the menu for almost anyone that walks in. They not only have the most amazing toppings for their poke bowls (including macadamia nuts, kimchi and charred pineapples), but they also have açaí bowls and a veggie kale bowl.