With holiday season right around the corner, I've been thinking a lot about what I can get for my fellow food-loving friends and family. To make things a bit easier for myself, I started to think about what I might like to receive, which is how I was led down a massive pizza-themed rabbit hole. Eating pizza is basically the best thing ever, so why stop there? Why not wear pizza while eating pizza? Pizza lovers rejoice, they make all the pizza-themed items you could ever dream of and more. 

Start a collection because you can never have too much of something you love. To help start you off, here are 11 pizza-themed items you can actually buy. 

1. Pizza Sleeping Bag

If this sleeping bag doesn't have you dreaming of pizza, I don't know what will.  Just like actual pizza, you can customize this sleeping bag with toppings. But, please whatever you do, don't add pineapple on top.  

2. Pizza Dog Bed

Dogs are man's best friend, so they shouldn't be deprived of pizza. You can curl up next to your dog with matching pizza beds. Plus, this pizza bed won't upset their stomach like the real thing might. 

3. Pizza Cologne

Don't you just love the smell of pizza grease in the morning? Listen to this logic: Everyone loves pizza, and if you smell like pizza, everyone will love you, too. 

4. Pizza Pouch

The pizza pouch gives a whole new meaning to taking food to go. You never leave home without your phone and now you don't have to leave home without your pizza, either. 

5. Pizza Door Mat

Talk about a warm welcome. I would honestly knock on a stranger's door if I saw this door mat outside of their house.  Because anyone who has pizza is trustworthy enough for me. 

6. Pizza Leggings

These pizza leggings are going to have everyone saying, "look back at it." Because who wouldn't want a slice of that pizza? 

7. Pizza String Lights

What's more basic than string lights in a college dorm room? Pizza string lights. These lights will make any photo you take in your room artsy af. 

8. Pizza Flask

You can basically eat and drink your problems away at the same exact time. But more importantly, why does the flask not have a pizza pouch attached to it? 

9. Pizza Hat

I don't know what makes people happier, pizza or babies. If you put a pizza hat on a baby, you don't have to answer the question.   

10. Pizza USB

Odds are, you are using your USB for school work—let the pizza shape motivate you. If you finish your work, you can order a pizza. Unless you're like me and take a pizza break two minutes into the assignment.  

11. Pizza Pet Costume

This cat stole a pizza of my heart. Get it? Pets need Halloween costumes, too. And this costume will make all the other pets on the block jealous. 

So there you have it—11 pizza items you need to order ASAP. Why? Because you love pizza. And from the looks of this GIF, Guy Fieri thinks you should buy these pizza-themed items, too. And you can't say no to Guy Fieri.