Many seafood lovers enjoy crab when they are in season. Prized for its soft, delicate, and sweet taste, crabmeat is a delicacy. This popular seasonal seafood can be eaten cold or hot, raw or cooked, and more. Because you can eat it in such a versatile manner, you will appreciate the access to a list of easy crab recipes aka more earthy ways to enjoy these tasty crustaceans.

Nutrition of Crabs

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Irene Limb

Not only are crabs one of the succulent and delicious seafood that is found in many dishes, it is also very nutritious. High in protein and low in saturated fat make crabs a great ingredient to include in healthy recipes. Even though it is also high in cholesterol and sodium, you will gain the healthy source of protein, vitamins (B3, B12, and C) and minerals (iron, selenium, and more) when crabs are eaten in moderation.

1. Crab Dip Fries

Bridget Mulcahy

A ballpark-inspired dish, these crab dip fries are the bomb and they never disappoint. The creamy crab dip pairs well with the crispy, thin fries, making this combination so addicting.

2. Crab & Shrimp Rangoons

Ondrej Nemec

This party snack wraps crab, shrimp, and cream cheese filling in crisp wontons. Adding shrimp enhances crab's flavor and texture. As it is easily a party favorite to eat, why not gather your friends to help make them too?

3. Spring Crab Salad

Abbie Ginis

Here's to satisfying your veggie intake and crab craving. A delicious and fresh spring salad topped with crabmeat makes this easy recipe so healthy and guilt-free. 

4. Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms

Cassandra Bauer

Stuffed mushrooms are always a classic favorite appetizer. When you want an upgraded version, these crab-stuffed mushrooms are filled with crab, cheese, bread crumbs, and more, making them ultimately delicious.

5. Maryland Crab Cakes

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Alex Vu

Crab cakes are all about the crab. The clean, sweet flavor of the crab shines, and these crab cakes are irresistible. So be sure to make an extra batch too.

6. Raw Crabs Marinated in Soy Sauce

Wait what, eating raw crabs?? This delicate dish is fairly popular in Korean cuisine. With a subtle sweetness and extreme freshness, the taste of raw crabs is even more delicate than that of cooked crabs.

7. DIY California Roll

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Brittany Cutler

Sushi is easy and fun to make at home. You just need a couple of simple ingredients (of course, crabmeat). Get ready to roll with your sushi and enjoy the finish product.  

8. Crabmeat Salad Sandwiches

Abbie Hui

This healthy sandwich uses crab and lots of veggies. Take a bite and you will experience all the complementing flavors of the sandwich. It is super easy to prepare and makes an awesome summer lunch or dinner.

9. Crab Mac & Cheese

A delicious, fancy spin on the traditional mac and cheese. Putting crab, cheese, and macaroni together makes this dish even more rich and creamy. Delicately flavored and thoroughly delicious. This is the ultimate seafood comfort food.

10. Cheesy Crab and Shrimp Quesadillas

Wendy Zhou

Dig into a cheesy, easy dinner with these crab and shrimp quesadilla. There is no better goodness between two tortillas than this recipe. It is super handy to make for a quick meal and so satisfying.

Crabs can be found in many recipes, and this seasonal delicacy is an all-time favorite with many seafood lovers. To experience the full indulgence of crabs, make sure to include this delicious and nutritious delicacy in your seafood dishes. Truly a crabdivating treat!