As the second semester of the year heats up, students are looking for a way to destress and have a good time with friends. Going out for dinner in D.C. is the perfect way to relax, enjoy some great food that the city has to offer, and take a break from the campus dining hall. Founded in 2005, Busboys and Poets is an amazing spot with options for everyone. Here are my top five reasons for why Busboys and Poets is the perfect place for a night out.

1. An Array of Dishes for Everyone

Sophie Allan

First of all, the restaurant offers an eclectic array of dishes that are extremely delicious and cater to all types of dietary needs. From lamb sliders to vegan mac and cheese (pictured above), Busboys and Poets has it all. The restaurant has the perfect options for any meal of the day, and they make sure everyone has something to order. Not only do they have a wide variety of food, but they also offer a variety of unique drinks, such as their Thin Mint Latte. 

2. Great for Sharing

In addition to serving many different types of food, Busboys and Poets offers lots of dishes that are great for sharing. Nachos, coconut tofu bites, and shrimp and crab fritters are just a few of their popular plates to share. The atmosphere of the restaurant lends itself to sharing a meal with friends and connecting with others over a variety of topics. 

3. The Restaurant's Art and Murals

Busboys and Poets aims to foster cultural connections and a socially conscious community, and it does this through its amazing art and murals. It serves as a place for art and politics to intersect, and the ambience is very inclusive and engaging. With a civil rights inspired mural on one wall and lots of interesting art on the others, the restaurant provides many good conversation starters if you just take the time to look around. They often rotate their artwork twice a year, and they showcase artists who have developed thoughtful and professionally executed art. 

4. Versatility as a Venue 

Not only is Busboys and Poets a restaurant, but it is also a bar, bookstore, coffee shop, and events venue. As a result, you have a variety of options when it comes to what you want from your night out—a casual coffee, just drinks, or a nice dinner. If you plan your night out for the right time, you might catch an open mic night or book event, which are always really exciting and special. For instance, the restaurant had a meet and greet with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other new Reps just a few weeks ago. 

5. Its Central Location 

Additionally, Busboys and Poets  has a conveniently central location, so you can easily branch out to other places if you want to continue your night out. With a laid-back feel and dim lighting, the restaurant is a great place to get a taste of D.C. culture on a night out. You can easily go for a stroll after dinner or seek out somewhere to go, because the restaurant has such a great location.

Overall, Busboys and Poets is an awesome restaurant that has something for everyone. Whether you want a chill dinner with a friend or a lively night at an open mic, this restaurant has it all.