With less than 50 days left until graduation, I think it's safe to say that we're all feeling a little blessed and a lot stressed. The second semester of senior year brings about a lot of feelings. Some days, you laugh. You laugh because it's finally warm outside, because your best friend makes you feel genuine happiness, and because in less than 50 days you don't have to take another midterm or final ever.

Other days, you cry. You cry in the car and leaving class and in front of your friends and in front of strangers. On those days, we all need a little help to get us through. Here are eight tips to help you survive your second semester of senior year: 

1. Invest in a tiny stapler 

I know that this one sounds kind of silly, and it is kind of a random one. However, having a small stapler has saved my life (and my grade) on more than one occasion this semester. It can be hit or miss on whether or not a professor wants something stapled, so better be safe than sorry and just carry a small one around. 

2. Get a Happy Planner

It can be overwhelming when you're trying to keep up with your social calendar, your capstone course, your other 15 hours, and holidays. It is so important to stay organized, and a Happy Planner is my favorite way to do so. 

3. Find someone you can vent to about senior year struggles

This person should have no problem listening to you continuously complain about research assignments, senior thesis, job hunting, the fact that we still can't listen to new Beyoncé music on Spotify, and the fact that boys are still confusing. Be sure to return the favor and listen to their senior struggles, as well. 

4. Find somewhere new to study

When you've been in a town for 4+ years, it can be easy to fall into habits. Try shaking things up by studying in your sorority house instead of the library, or outside rather than in Starbucks. You'd be surprised how much a simple change in scenery can help you focus. 

5. Decide what's next based on what you want

Don't apply to graduate schools just because your parents want you to or because your boyfriend or girlfriend is going. Don't apply for jobs in a city that you'll be miserable living in because that's what is expected of you. Don't move back home if you don't want to. You're about to graduate college. Your life is about to drastically change. Make sure that you're making decisions based on what you want. 

6. Start looking at graduate programs and jobs early

On that note, graduate with peace of mind by having an idea of what's next. Some places are willing to hire you months in advance. I, personally, found a job two months before graduation and it was a huge weight being lifted off of my shoulders. 

7. Take it all in

Take a step back from your apartment that is full of your friends' laughter. Take a step back from studying for your last ever finals. Walk a little slower across campus. Now, take it all in and realize how beautiful this time of your life is. Really appreciate it because in a little over a month, this won't be your life anymore. 

8. Carpe Diem

If there's something that you've been dying to do in your college life but haven't done, do it. If you've never stayed up until sunrise, do it. Say yes where you would have normally said no. Carpe every freaking diem. 

Now good luck, graduates. You can do it.