Among the monuments and the museums, DC has a diverse or under-appreciated food scene. From classics to new staples, there is always something new to be found in the District. Along with all the sightseeing and tourist activities, food has to be factored in to the itinerary. Here’s where to go if you only have 24 hours:


1. Open City


Photo by Lindsey Smith

Located within walking distance of the National Zoo, Open City has an incredible breakfast. With both large windows and an outdoor patio, you can people watch the zoo-goers while enjoying your omelet or, my personal favorite, Brioche French Toast.

2. Old Ebbitt Grill


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Conveniently located a block from the White House, Old Ebbitt Grill is a fixture in the DC restaurant scene. From frittatas to a french toast breakfast club, the extensive menu has something for everyone.


3. &pizza


Photo by Peter Freeman

&pizza can be called the chipotle of pizza. Your pizza is entirely customizable. From dough to sauce to veggies, every choice is yours. Quick and easy, &pizza is easy to carry around which is good for walking the National Mall.

4. Chop’t


Photo by Loan N.

I could write books about my love for chop’t. The unique salad bar with many locations around the country makes any salad you want, chopped exactly how you want it. The distinctive and huge bowls are easy to carry around and can fit in a backpack. Chop’t is proof that salad can be filling.

Mid-Afternoon Snack

5. Tryst


Photo by Stacey Schwartz

Tryst is a coffee shop and bar located in Adams Morgan. Notorious for serving all coffee beverages with a side of animal crackers, Tryst is the perfect place to refuel after a long day of sightseeing.

6. Ben’s Chili Bowl


Photo by Alex Vu

Ben’s Chili Bowl is as much of a DC landmark as the Washington Monument itself. Known for chili dogs, hamburgers, milkshakes and everything in between. Not so much an afternoon snack but more of an after-lunch and pre-dinner meal, Ben’s Chili Bowl cannot be missed.


7. Ted’s Bulletin


Photo by Nevin Martell

Ted’s Bulletin, a modern diner and renowned family restaurant is home to many classic dinners. From grilled cheese and tomato soup to the Sloppiest Joe, Ted’s Bulletin has many options. Their most famous option is the homemade poptartwith flavors as DC as it can get: cherry blossom pop tarts anyone?

8. Ghibellina


Photo by Joseph Victor Stefanchik

The Logan Circle monument that is Ghibellina has incredible pizza, served with scissors to cut the pizza into individual pieces. What could be better than that?


9. Thomas Sweet


Photo by Carol Joynt

There is always a line outside of Thomas Sweet – and it’s no wonder since the business is in the name. Thomas Sweet sells ice cream, chocolate and frozen yogurt. It is so good that even President Obama went!

10. Baked and Wired


Photo courtesy of

Located in the ever trendy Georgetown, Baked and Wired has become a staple in the DC dessert world. Just steps from the notorious Georgetown Cupcakes, Baked and Wired is known for their delicious and huge cupcake concoctions. With flavors like Chocolate Cupcake of Doom and Vanilla Satin, Baked and Wired has cemented its place in the DC food scene.

Twenty-four hours is not a long time. Looking at this list, it may seem overwhelming. Even if you only get to one of these places it’s sure to make the trip memorable for years to come.