If you're a normal human being, odds are you enjoy the wonderful, cheesy goodness that we call "macaroni and cheese." Like many other Boston College students, I find that my day gets just a little bit better when one of our six on campus eateries are serving this childhood classic. This is why I decided to rank which Boston College dining spot features the best Mac n' Cheese. 

5. The Rat

vegetable, meat, tortellini, pasta, sauce, cheese, macaroni
Emily King

It may come as surprise to many that the mac n' cheese at The Rat has the lowest ranking. Everyone I know looks forward to Thursday afternoons for one reason: this particular mac n' cheese. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this mac n' cheese is no delicacy. I like to think of this particular mac n' cheese as "the Kraft of Boston College." While it's not exactly what you'd call gourmet, it is just what you need on a cold, wintery afternoon. 

4. Mac

spaghetti, tortellini, sauce, cheese, pasta, macaroni
Emily King

Mac is notorious for having some of the worst food at BC. Although, I have to say that this mac n' cheese is one of the best options that Mac has. This mac n' cheese was part of a specific station called "The Mac Market" which served food similar to the restaurant chain, Boston Market. I'm not a huge fan of rotisserie chicken, so I opted for a side of mac n' cheese with corn bread, and was fairly happy.

3. Hillside Cafe

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Emily King

If you're a fan of Hillside's delicious sandwiches, their mac n' cheese is a must try. Like The Rat, this mac n' cheese is unfortunately only available for lunch on Thursdays, but it is a must have. Because the mac n' cheese at Hillside is serve your self, theres never a line! So, next time you're at Hillside during a busy time and don't want to wait in the long, grueling sandwich lines, treat yourself to some mac n' cheese. You will not regret it.

2. Eagle's Nest

meat, sauce, pasta, cheese, macaroni
Emily King

If you have never ventured over to the bowl section of Eagle's, it's probably news to you that Eagle's serves mac n' cheese. While it may seen counterintuitive to pile mac n' cheese on top of your healthy, veggie filled harmony bowl, it is the perfect way to convince yourself that mac n' cheese is in fact healthy. Of course, if you want to skip the whole health part, you can get rid of the veggies and just go for the mac n' cheese. 

1. Lower

rice, chicken
Emily King

If you have never tried Lower's mac n' cheese station, you are doing something seriously wrong. Imagine a mac n' cheese buffet where you can mix several types of vegetables, meat, sauce, and most importantly: extra cheese into your traditional mac n' cheese. If this still doesn't sound appealing to you, I only have one thing left to say: popcorn chicken in mac n' cheese. It just can't get better than that.