Fact: Dining hall food is usually tolerable at best. And if it tastes great, it’s probably because you’re in a vulnerable state of hangry/ lazy or crunk at Late Night. Or, you’re eating one of the things that Lower always does right (hello mozz sticks, steak & cheese, and Quesadilla Night).

But Lower also has some awesome healthy food– like actual tasty, wholesome, healthful foods. You just have to know where to look.

Addie’s Açaí Bowls


Images via Instagram: @balanced_beaming

The only ingredients are frozen bananas, açaí, almond milk AND homemade gluten-free granola. Need I say more?

Location: Addies, from 8:30-11am. The smoothie bowls at Mac are comparable, but contain greek yogurt, so if you’re lactose intolerant, double check before grabbing one.

#SpoonTip: Bring your own additional toppings for the bowl. Chia seeds, organic granola, coconut chips, and hemp seeds will give your bowl extra protein and fiber.

Joseph’s Pita Bread


Images via josephsbakery.com and Instagram: @balanced_beaming

Carbs get so much crap for being unhealthy or for making you *gasp* “fat.” But nahhh, carbohydrates provide your body with the energy it needs to get through your daily Plex sessions. But, all carbs are NOT made equal. If this sounds cryptic to you, take a moment to educate yourself on the breakdown of bread.

That’s why you should try replacing sandwich bread or a burger bun with a Joseph’s Pita. The whole wheat pita pocket adds a little more to your salad, and keeps you fuller for longer.

Location: Usually near the soup and dressings on the salad bar.

#SpoonTip: You can ask for a pita pocket at most sandwich lines on campus, including Eagle’s!

Suja Green Juice


Images via Bestowed.com and Instagram: @balanced_beaming

When BC dining halls started to sell these Suja juices, people were all about them. Blame the cute packaging, especially the bold ORGANIC label, for making you automatically assume that the juice is healthy. But again, keep in mind: ingredients over everythaang. The “Green Delight” juices found in Lower and Mac are, by sugar content, much healthier than the red juices. Just don’t gulp it all in one sitting.

Location: Lower fridge near fruit, Mac

 Salad Bar Secrets


Images via Instagram: @balanced_beaming

Artichoke hearts. Avocado Sprout Salad. Beet and Carrot Salad. Quinoa / Brown rice Salad. Yup, all these things can be found on the Lower salad bars. They aren’t there every single day, but make sure you do a thorough perusing of the salad bars before you settle for the usual romaine lettuce and croutons.

Location: Salad bars next to the fruit and beans and the salad bar between the grill line and froyo machine.

Organic AND Vegan


Images via Instagram: @balanced_beaming

Again, not there every single day, but check the fridges where the To Go food items are and you may find these awesome prepackaged, vegan meals. The ingredients are pretty great, and you can bring them back to your room, microwave ’em, and drizzle with sriracha. You might just forget that you got it at Lower.

Location: To Go freezer where the prepackaged sandwiches and salads are.

Health(ier) Baked Goods


Image via Divvies.com

For those days when you feel like you need to cut down on your cookie / brownie intake, but then you realize, nope, not going to do that. “Treat yo self” to Divvie’s allergen-free cookies. You can’t even tell that they’re milk/egg/nut free. SO GOOD.

Location: Lower On The Fly, Mac On The Fly