Boxed macaroni and cheese is one of the best comfort food craving-busters. In three simple steps, you’ve got a warm bowl of cheesy goodness in only 10 minutes, and there are many glorious ways to enjoy it.

But when you find yourself at the supermarket staring at almost 30 different kinds, which one do you choose? The four that I usually go for are Annie’s Cheddar, Annie’s Parmesan, Velveeta and Kraft, but it’s hard to know which has the best cheesiness and flavor. After doing my own taste test, I concluded that Annie’s Parmesan was the winner, but I had to get some more opinions. I asked 22 people to rate the taste and cheesiness of each mac n’ cheese, and these are the incredible results.

4. Velveeta Shells and Cheese

Average Cheesiness: 7

Average Tastiness: 4

With a total of just 11 points, Velveeta came in last place. Although it ranked as the cheesiest, the tasters commented that the cheese was pasty and tasted fake. Ten people said they would never waste their time with this one again.

3. Annie's Parmesan Macaroni & Cheese

Average Cheesiness: 6.5

Average Tastiness: 5.3

With a total of 11.8 points, my presumption that Annie’s Parmesan was the best mac 'n cheese was blown out of the water. Nine people said they never wanted to eat this one again. For a better parmesan option, give this cheesy macaroni recipe a try.

2. Kraft Mac & Cheese

Average Cheesiness: 7

Average Tastiness: 6

With a total of 13 points, Kraft came in second place. Everyone would eat this mac 'n cheese again, which proves just how cheesy good this mac 'n cheese is. Almost everyone knows the name, and three tasters commented that the cheesiness and tastiness is unsurpassable. For an upgrade on the traditional Kraft mac 'n cheese, try this recipe.

1. Annie's Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese

Average Cheesiness: 6.5

Average Tastiness: 6.8

With a total of 13.3, Annie’s Cheddar just barely beat out Kraft for the winning spot. All tasters said they would choose this mac 'n cheese again, and one even asked to take home the leftovers! And if this comfort food is too simple for you, Annie’s also offers a multitude of mac 'n cheese types, including lots of fun shapes and a gluten-free option.

There it is, folks. The all-time greatest boxed macaroni is Annie’s Cheddar, with Kraft in a close second position. If you ever find yourself questioning which mac 'n cheese to buy, you can be confident that Annie’s Cheddar can’t, and won't fail you.