I'm from New York, so I think I know a thing or two about pizza. Wait, I take that back—"really good pizza." And as a student of Georgetown University, I have made it my mission to find the best pizza in Washington, DC. 

So I've compiled a list of all the best restaurants to grab a great slice, and I must say, some pizza in Washington, DC is better than some I've had in New York. And that's saying a lot. That's like, going against my heritage.

1. Timber Pizza Company

Brittany Arnett

OK, I might be a little biased, but Timber Pizza graces its glorious presence to Georgetown University's red square every Wednesday during Farmers' Market season. It's the best thing to happen in the middle of a school week.

Personally, I go for a half-Green Monster and half-Pepperoni pizza, but the store front on Upshur Street NW has so many different pizza options on the menu, it's overwhelming.

2. All Purpose Pizzeria

Brittany Arnett

I'm the biggest fan of hot honey and pepperoni on pizza, and All Purpose's Buona signature is exactly that. Along with their fantastic, gourmet pizza pies, it has the most amazing Brussel sprouts and garlic knots. Get a pie and those two babies and you're in business.

3. Il Canale

The second you walk into Il Canale's doors, you're greeted by the scent of warm, delicious pizza. Oh, and a giant pizza oven. If you want a good ole Italian classic, choose one of their fantastic pies

4. Etto

I love Etto for two reasons: one, it serves great pizza, and two, it's located on 14th Street, which is arguably my favorite street in all of DC. Grab their chorizo pizza and then stop by Jeni's for ice cream afterwards.

5. &pizza

Brittany Arnett

Behold—the greatest fast casual restaurant of them all. &pizza is basically Chipotle for pizza, and although franchises are branching out of the DMV area, it is and always will be a DC-based company, that has endless pizza options.

6. 2 Amys

2 Amys will give you everything of a small, hole-in-the-wall restaurant: friendly staff, no unnecessary bells and whistles, and of course, unbelievable food. Their pizza pies are like little pillows; the dough puffs up around the creamy cheese and tangy tomato sauce.

7. Menomalé

Menomalé serves pizza "Nepoletana," or Neapolitan style, meaning the pizza meets very specific requirements and is literally certified. 

8. Ghibellina

Ghibellia is another great 14th Street restaurant that does not mess around with the three most important foods out there: cheese, bread, and pasta. It's pizza selection is no joke (um hello, fig and prosciutto with blue cheese), plus they give you a pair a scissors to cut your pizza into slices.

9. Pizzeria Vetri

Let it be known that this restaurant does incredible things with pizza dough. Not only does it have amazing pizza options, but it also serves rolled pizza dough with mozzarella & pesto, fried pizza dough with sugar, and a Nutella pizza with marshmallows. Could you ask for anything more?

10. Graffiato

One of Mike Issabella's many restaurants, Graffiato gives you all the goods to consume the pizza of your dreams. You can choose from one of the options on the menu, or you can build your own. Oh, and they also have a take home pizza kit so you can continue the party in your own kitchen.

10. Pizzeria Paradiso

Pizzeria Paradiso is great for dinner and all, but happy hour is where it's really at. With cheaper pizza pies, $5 wines, and $4 draft beers, you can really get the most bang for your buck, all while eating some quality pizza.

10. Ledo Pizza

Ledo's is by no means a gourmet pizza restaurant. It's the type of pizza you order in when you're drunk, hungover, or not looking to spend too much money. And you can be sure that it will satisfy all your cravings – one little square of pizza at a time.

11. Wiseguy NY Pizza

Lauren Kruchten

So Wiseguy knows what's up–basically, NY pizza is the best of them all. Not only do they serve some great slices of pizza (in true NY fashion), but they're also open until 5 am. Oh, hello.

DC's pizza scene is definitely great, so why not try all of them? These restaurants for pizza in Washington, DC are sure to satisfy all of your greasy, cheesy cravings.