GU Farmers' Market is the best part of my Wednesday, and it should be yours too. Although you may not want to take it to the extreme (I start the farmers' market countdown on like Thursday), anyone who walks through Red Square knows that it is worth the hype.

Obviously, the farmers' market is super popular with Georgetown students, faculty, and families. The one drawback: the lines. If you have a ton of classes on Wednesday, it can be hard to justify waiting 20 minutes in line.

To make it easier, here are my favorite farmers' market stands that are actually worth the wait.

Timber Pizza Co

Ariana Wu

Although the pizza line is usually pretty intimidating, it goes by so fast – especially if you get other pizza-loving friends to wait with you. After you order, it usually takes 5 minutes tops before your order is ready. 

If you're not afraid to wait, I would recommend ordering the Cheese Please – it's a classic. You can also be bold and try out the pesto Green Monster too. Can't decide? Get half and half (and a killer pizza pic).

#SpoonTip: Head to Timber before all the 12:15 pm classes get out. The line is basically nonexistent at around 11:50.


Ariana Wu

Pinch is hands-down one of my favorite farmers' market stands. If you get there at the right time (aka early), you can order and get your dumplings in less than 5 minutes. Even though the line is always moving, once rush starts, it takes a lot longer for your order to be ready. The longest I've waited for dumplings (line and order) is around 20 minutes.

If you're really craving dumplings but don't have a ton of time, definitely opt for the fried instead of the steamed. It may be a litte less healthy, but it's way quicker and still delicious.

Rita's Crepes

Ariana Wu

Rita's Crepes lets you get a taste of French cuisine without actually having to learn how to make crepes. Like Timber, the line moves pretty fast. Plus, you have sweet and savory options, so whatever you're craving, you'll be able to find it here. My personal favorites are the the Pesto Chicken and Nutella Swirl.

When you're waiting for your food, you actually watch your crepe being made. That way, you have a pretty good approximation of how long it'll take (usually around 5 minutes).

Yoga in a Bowl

Ariana Wu

Yoga in a Bowl's gourmet Indian curries are another crowd favorite at the farmers' market. Unfortunately, this means the line can be pretty long, and moves pretty slowly. Plus, when you finally get to order, it still is about 5-7 minutes until your food is ready.

Despite the long wait, the curry is definitely worth it. After the 20 minute wait, it may be more worthwhile to get samosas and the kati rolls with your curry fix. 

#SpoonTip: If you don't have time to wait in line, order online and pick that baby up. Everyone is gonna be so jealous of your fast curry fix. 

Bun'd Up

Bun'd Up's Korean barbecue is absolutely amazing, and it has one of the fastest moving lines of all the farmers' market stands. If you're in a rush, definitely consider trying out this vendor.

If you're worried about making it to class on time, but still want to experience the amazingness of the GU Farmers' Market, this guide is probably you're best bet. You may even have extra time to picnic on Healy lawn and be #college #goals.