In the hearts of St. Louis brunch-goers, the city offers endless options for weekend morning eats, including some fantastic vegan restaurants that redefine meaning of "brunch." However, when it comes to brunch food, the first thing many people think of is eggs: scrambled up with cheese, fried and thrown in a sandwich, poached on a piece of avocado toast, or whipped onto a big slice of quiche. Next to that, you might find a side of bacon, a few links of sausage, or even a buttery pancake if you are feeling adventurous. 

For people like the two of us, who steer clear of eating animal-products, this popular meal can seem impossible. There's nothing worse than munching on a tiny garden salad watching your friend scarf down french toast and breakfast sausage. But can there really be brunch without eggs, meat, and dairy? 

It turns out there is a whole world of options for vegan brunch in St. Louis. After some exploring, we found that vegan brunch in St. Louis is not just possible, it's delicious. There are vegan versions of scrambles, sausages, pancakes, and biscuits that might just be as good as the real thing. Vegan or carnivore, this list will lead you to some of the best brunch foods this city has to offer

1. MoKaBe's Coffeehouse 

Not only does this groovy spot along South Grand offer a unique window into the activism and fellowship of the Tower Grove neighborhood, but it also redefines the meaning of a brunch buffet. The vegan spread provided by MoKaBe's makes an appearance every Sunday morning from 9 AM to 1 PM, and ranges from vegetarian biscuits and gravy to a variety of vegan pastries and cupcakes.

The menu changes slightly every Sunday, but the recurring favorites like scrambled tofu, vegan sausage, vegan french toast, and breakfast potatoes can almost always be found.

By offering non-vegan options like eggs and brioche french toast, MoKaBe's has quality brunch food for brunch-lovers of all kind, providing an incredible intersection of vegans and non-vegans. Coffee-lovers are also celebrated at this breakfast haven; a bottomless cup of joe included with brunch and over 15 specialty lattes and coffee drinks (with vegan milk options of course) leaves MoKaBe's patrons feeling satisfied and caffeinated.  To top it all off, laptops are never allowed during brunch hours, because these people understand the seriousness of brunching.

2. SweetArt

This vegan bakery and cafe nestled in the Shaw Neighborhood of Tower Grove provides a glimpse into the incredible potential of wholly plant-based eating. Upon walking into SweetArt, the entirely vegetarian menu and case full of cupcakes and pastries await. Though not all sweets and eats are fully vegan, there are 2-3 vegan cupcakes offered every day. With both a breakfast and lunch menu based around veganism, build in time to make some tough decisions.

Clare Schrodt

After grabbing a maple pecan cupcake to prep for brunching, we ordered the cafe's famous Sweet Burger. This tower of a burger was just as delicious as it was aesthetically pleasing. Topped with vegan cheese, as most SweetArt menu items are, onion rings, and a crispy bun, this burger showcases the talented work of these vegan chefs.

Clare Schrodt

Along with other lunch options like vegan chili, vegan wraps, and vegan tacos, SweetArt's breakfast innovations explain the crowd of Saturday morning regulars that can be found each weekend. Aunt Irene's tofu scramble is made with vegan cheese, creole-spiced potatoes, fruit preserves and toasted ciabatta, while the vegan Chick'n and Waffle presents a Belgian waffle topped w fried "chicken", vegan butter, real maple syrup and dusted with powdered sugar. 

SweetArt both builds community and highlights the amazing diversity that is possible with a completely vegan diet. Whether you're craving a hefty burger or a slice of caramel apple pie, SweetArt is a must-eat for St. Louis natives and visitors alike.

3. Tree House Restaurant

Tree House's extensive and well-rounded menu will not make your decision easy. With vegan versions of favorites like biscuits and gravy and bagels with lox and cream cheese, along with a big cozy breakfast platter, you truly cannot go wrong.

Clare Schrodt

We went with the Tree House Big Breakfast and the chorizo tofu scramble, and were not let down. The breakfast potatoes were some of the best we've had, and we could not get enough of that fruit compote topped pancake. The best way to tackle this place is definitely to go with friends, and to share as many different dishes as you can handle. 

Clare Schrodt

This bright and welcoming all-vegetarian restaurant on South Grand is a stellar option when you're looking for a relaxed and super satisfying, lazy morning meal. With their generous portions and hardy options, Tree House is perfect for all kinds of eaters.

4. The Mud House

The Mud House is a tiny corner coffee shop that serves up a surprising variety of satisfying brunch options. From french toast to breakfast sandwiches to yogurt parfaits, this place covers all the breakfast bases. Although the Mud House is not an entirely meat-free eatery, their menu features a solid selection of meat-less dishes sure to make any vegan happy.

The most obvious option is their spicy tofu scramble, which is mixed with veggies, scooped generously into a bowl, and served along side a slice of olive-oil toast. They also offer vegan versions of the classics like the Mud Slinger, the breakfast burrito, and two breakfast platters.

Along with great food, they offer some interesting coffee-based drinks you won't find at Starbucks. Along with high-quality coffee and tea classics, you might find someone sipping a Peanut Butter mocha with hemp milk or a Lavender Latte with almond milk along side their meal.

Whether you're looking for a cozy coffee shop for your next weekend study session, or the perfect spot to take your favorite vegan to this weekend, the Mud House definitely deserves a spot on your brunch list. 

5. Squatter's Cafe

Started by Ron Connoley, Squatter's Cafe in the KHDX building in Grand Center is barely a month old, but making a splash. With an emphasis on local sourcing, Squatter's Cafe features its fresh ingredients through creative twists on classic breakfast foods.

The menu's vegetarian Walk to Work Bread includes tomato, cheese, and eggs topped with pesto in a folded crust. The firm and crispy crust makes this dish completely portable, as you might guess through its name. The Ricotta Toast and Butternut offer a similar uniqueness in flavor and finish.

Clare Schrodt

Though seemingly ordinary, the dark horse on this menu is the Raw Oatmeal. This oatmeal includes a combination of caramel swirls, pecans, ganache, and "surprise"-filled white chocolate balls, all topped with granola and house-made cinnamon toast crunch. An explosion of flavor would be an understatement. Best of all: at the end of the meal, the jar is yours to take home and inspire your own oatmeal creations. 

Clare Schrodt

Connoley's passion in the kitchen shines through when he explains the intricacies of each dish he delivers, and his masterful work in the kitchen becomes apparent after one single bite. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 

Brunch food might just be some of the best out there, and in St. Louis, no one is left out of the experience. Stop by the Mud House for a tofu scramble and a cup of Joe, check out SweetArt for a stack of pancakes, or drop into Tree House if your craving a big breakfast. When it comes to vegan brunch in St. Louis, you truly can't go wrong.