A perfect quiche is the hero of every meal. It doesn’t matter if you simply crave a tasty lunch for school or want to impress your friends during brunch, quiche will be there for you. Still, the fact that quiche is sometimes the subject of legends does not mean it’s hard to make. Follow these simple tips and produce the perfect quiche in no time.

1. Freeze your favourite pastry


Photo courtesy of cookbookman17 on Flickr.com

That way you will always be able to make a quiche effortlessly. I always have enough pastry in my freezer for at least one quiche. I prefer to use store-bought pastry, but if you make your own, it’s perfectly possible to freeze homemade pastry as well.

2. Use your leftovers


Photo by Wendy Nieuwkamer

Almost any vegetable tastes good in a quiche, so use your leftovers. This way you prevent waste and get a delicious meal in return. Try combining leek with carrots, mushrooms with spinach or corn and tomatoes.

3. Pre-cook your veggies


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Stir-fry your leafy vegetables for a couple of minutes or roast your root vegetables. That way you won’t risk loosing a tooth by biting into your quiche. Also, it reduces the baking time as you can cook your quiche in a hotter oven.

4. Prevent sogginess by using breadcrumbs or couscous

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A quiche with a soggy crust is simply unpleasant to eat. Prevent spilling by adding a layer of breadcrumbs or couscous on top of your crust. These will absorb the moisture from the veggies and eggs, resulting in a nice firm bottom. If you make your own crust pre-bake it for 10 minutes to ensure a nice flaky crust.

5. Season your eggs


Photo by Wendy NIeuwkamer

As the eggs ideally spread through your whole quiche, they are the perfect agent for seasoning. Don’t be shy when using spices – they bring flavor to both your eggs and your veggies. Just be aware that if you add bacon or cheese, extra salt might not be necessary.

6. Mix before filling

Perfect quiche with leek and bacon.

Photo by Veronique Huynh

There is nothing more annoying than adding you egg-mix to the quiche and realizing all the cheese is on top. To ensure perfect distribution of flavours mix all the filling before pouring it into the crust.

So there you have it – six surefire ways for a foolproof quiche. Give them a go with this bacon and leek quiche.