Gallup-Healthways' just released their list of the happiest and healthiest cities in the country, and I believe that these rankings are incredibly correlated to their food quality. I did some research on the top 10 cities for health and wellness in the US, and—no surprise—they have some incredible restaurants. Here are my suggestions for the best places to eat in each city, based on a lot of Yelp and Instagram stalking (and some personal travel experience). 

1. Naples/Immokalee/Marco Island, FL: Organically Twisted

This is insane: Organically Twisted is an organic food truck full of gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian treats. I literally had to stop myself from drooling while looking at pictures. The Avo-Loco is literally what all my meal prep dreams are made of (avocado, sweet potatoes, and yummy greens). 

2. Barnstable, MA: J. Bar Cape Cod

As a purebred Masshole, I live for summers on the Cape. Though I love lobster rolls as much as the next one, I try to stay balanced with some healthy food as well, and there is nowhere better than J. Bar for all-natural cuisine. I always order the Bliss Sandwich with Ezekiel bread, almond butter, cacao nibs, and raw honey for an organic treat.

3. Santa Cruz/Watsonville, CA: The Picnic Basket

This waterfront locale specializes "good food made with love," and I want it all. Wake up early for a breakfast burrito with homemade salsa, almond and brown sugar morning cake, or frittata, and come back for lunch and get a quinoa salad bowl or chicken pesto baguette. Come for a quality food Insta, and stay for the amazing ocean ~views~.

4. Urban Honolulu, HI: Da Hawaiian Poke Company

When in Rome, you must eat exclusively Italian food, so it's only natural that I would eat a poke bowl in Hawaii. According to Yelp and Instagram, Da Hawaiian Poke Company is the king of poke in Hawaii, and I can see why. Their bowls are completely customizable and truly have a Hawaiian flair. I would recommend ordering the locally caught ahi (because why not) with the spicy sauce, avocado, and sesame seeds on top. 

5. Charlottesville, VA: Roots Natural Kitchen

According to my friend at UVA, Roots is the "go-to restaurant for when I don't have food in my kitchen." It's a customizable salad bar, and it has major Sweetgreen vibes.

6. North Port/Sarasota/Bradenton, FL: Tropical Shores Popcorn

This place is about 0% healthy, but I would 12/10 recommend to a friend. Tropical Shores Popcorn specializes in gourmet nuts, popcorn, and taffy, and the flavors truly are unique. Where else can you get cookies and cream, cinnamon toast, and cotton candy popcorn and rum taffy? Luckily, you don't even need to be in Sarasota to try Tropical Shore Popcorn because they accept online orders. I won't judge if you place an order right now.  

7. San Luis Obispo/Paso Robles, CA: Petra SLO

I LIVE for a good falafel (which is why I order a custom falafel bowl every time I go to Sweetgreen), and I am dying to go to a classic Mediterranean restaurant that specializes in falafel. Petra is the spot: you can order pitas, salads, and plates with falafel. YUM. If falafel is not your thing (which honestly IDK why, but okay), you can get chicken, lamb, or beef shawarma, kabobs, and Mediterranean pizzas. This place has it all. 

8. Lynchburg, VA: {RA} Bistro

{RA} Bistro is home to classic American food with a modern and healthy twist. The menu is updated seasonally, and (possibly more importantly) they have an extensive cocktail and martini list.

9. Hilton Head Island/Bluffton/Beaufort, SC: Java Burrito Company

Consider this your upscale, farm-to-table Chipotle. All ingredients at Java Burrito Co. are organic, local, and free from hormones, and all burritos are served up with a side of Carolina charm. 

10. Boulder, CO: Alpine Modern Cafe 

This cafe is a personal favorite of mine. Situated in the foothills of Boulder, Alpine Modern is a peaceful yet upscale cafe full of delicious noms. I personally love the Six Minute Egg Tartine with a big cappuccino.

I don't think money buys happiness, but food does. If you are looking to be a bit happier, I would definitely recommend these restaurants in the healthiest cities in America.