I've always been a cocktail kinda girl because there's nothing like the feeling of sipping burning acidic goodness that instantly warms your throat and body up. There may be countless types of cocktails, but to cure your Friday night boredom, I've found five of the strongest cocktails in the world. Call up some besties and give these a shot. Drink responsibly, though.

#SpoonTip: Drinking can be fun, but be responsible. Spoon does not promote binge or underage drinking. Stay safe!

5. Death in the Afternoon

This luxurious cocktail was created by Ernest Hemingway. Although it may sound very classy and harmless, it's made with champagne (12% alcohol) and absinthe (45% ABV). Drink this cocktail very slowly, like how the posh upperclassmen probably did in the golden age.

4. Jungle Juice

You've probably heard of this everywhere or even made it for your local college dorm party. If made correctly, it doesn't taste like alcohol at all, and that's the deadliest part about this cocktail. This drink is made with many different fruits and a 1-liter bottle of grain alcohol (95% ABV).

3. The Zombie

This cocktail was created by Donn Beach, a restaurant owner in Hollywood. The deadliest part of this cocktail isn't that it's made with a lot of alcoholic content, but it's extremely high in sugar to mask the alcohol.  A sip may feel like nothing, but it actually contains three types of rum, which makes 40% ABV.

2. Sazerac

This is a New Orleans classic, and it's deadly for its ingredients: Sazerac Rye Whiskey (which is 90 proof) and Herbsaint (which is 60% alcohol). I can already see a hangover in your near future if you try this cocktail.

1. Aunt Roberta

Created by a 1900s prostitute in Alabama, this is widely considered as the deadliest cocktail in the world. It is made 100% with alcohol and no mixers. In equal parts: gin (40% alcohol), vodka (40% alcohol), brandy (40% alcohol), blackberry liquor (40% alcohol), and absinthe (45% alcohol) are mixed together. Don't let the name of this cocktail fool you; I'm sure your Aunt Roberta probably wouldn't approve.

Maybe you had a long week of dumb boy drama, school stress, constant life struggles, or just feeling super done. After what you had to go through, you should definitely treat yourself to these deadliest cocktails. I hope your liver can handle this.