For those of you like me who've lived in the Binghamton dorms for over a year, it's easy to admit you've grown tired of the dining options the campus has to offer. After all, you probably pay for almost every one of your meals with a meal plan, and really, campus food is nothing compared to the food you can make for yourself. (Pasta from a box, FTW.)

But what if there was a chance you'd see your fave Harry Potter character eating in the marketplace or one of the dining halls? I don't know about you, but I'd def be heading to the nearest campus eatery stat to hang out with Sirius Black or Hermione.

With that said, here's where each major HP character would most likely be found getting food on the Binghamton campus.

Harry Potter: Appalachian Dining Hall

The Boy Who Lived can't get enough of flying through the air on his broom, let alone watching a Quidditch game live. Lucky for him, he'd get a perfect view of the fields through the Appalachian Dining Hall windows, and won't have to miss a single second of a match while getting lunch with his friends.

Ron Weasley: Cake & Eggs

Any HP fan would know breakfast is a staple meal at the Weasley household. Not to mention that Ron usually sits down at the table first and practically inhales his mom's cooking in a little under five minutes.

Admittedly, he would be pretty bummed to learn he couldn't get the same home cooking on the Binghamton campus. But the breakfast at Cake & Eggs might come pretty close, especially since he could get made-to-order eggs.

Hermione Granger: Einstein's

Hannah Oh

Considering she got ten "Outstandings" on her O.W.L.s in her fifth year, there's no denying that Hermione is one smart cookie; heck, she is an Einstein who can do magic. Where else on campus is a more fittingly-named place for her to eat?

Albus Dumbledore: Hinman Dining Hall

As headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Dumbledore works hard to promote service to his students and ensure that they make a positive impact on the wizarding community. 

In fact, he's bound to meet students interested in service at Hinman Dining Hall, if they're not already involved in clubs or volunteering.

Draco Malfoy: Chenango Room

Draco and his family have a long history of being big spenders. (Remember when his dad got the whole Slytherin Quidditch team Nimbus Two Thousand and Ones?) So it makes sense that the youngest Malfoy would splurge on meals at the Chenango Room, the most expensive place to eat on campus.

Neville Longbottom: Food Co-op

This Herbology-obsessed Gryffindor has to be on the organic-food bandwagon, right? No doubt Neville will grab lunch during the week at the Food Co-op below the Union. Plus, his sweet self probs couldn't resist volunteering to help cook the daily menu options. 

Luna Lovegood: Starbucks

Ever since Harry met her in his fifth year, Luna has never shied away from being creative and letting her freak flag fly. So a place like Starbucks, with its flexible coffee and drink menu, would most likely be her go-to spot to get a bite to eat.

Sirius Black: Tully's

Hannah Oh

After being imprisoned in Azkaban for twelve years, Sirius must have missed eating at the pubs in Hogsmeade near Hogwarts. (Plus, nobody deserves to go that many years without a sip of Butterbeer.)

Given his love for local food, he'd surely be down to eat at Tully's in University Plaza. But better yet, he doesn't even have to leave the Binghamton campus to try it—there's a location right in the middle of the marketplace.