By mid-semester, it's pretty safe to say that we each have at least one go-to meal at our campus dining hall. Some of us like to head to the grill station for a burger, while others prefer the unlimited options at the salad bar. However, if you're a cheese enthusiast like me (and still can't wrap your head around the reality of dining hall pizza), then mac and cheese is definitely your godsend.

In my opinion, the cheesy pasta is pure comfort food and tastes like happiness in a bowl. But as much as I love the dish, there are times that my dining hall doesn't do it enough justice and it needs a little extra something to make it even better.

With that being said, here are four ways I like to upgrade my mac and cheese at Appalachian Dining Hall in Binghamton:

1. Add Buffalo Chicken

cheese, macaroni, bacon, chicken, cheddar
Cherie Litvin

Buffalo chicken mac is slowly becoming one of the latest food fads, and lucky for us Binghamton students, we don't have to miss out. The Appalachian salad bar offers Buffalo chicken at an arm's reach, making it an easy add-in to spice up your mac and cheese.

2. Crush Up Croutons for a Breadcrumb Topping

Cherie Litvin

If you're a fan of baked mac and cheese, then adding a breadcrumb topping is a great way to get that homemade flavor right in your dining hall. But before you go ahead and do it, just be warned that making these breadcrumbs can get messy.

3. Add Diced Ham and Peas

Cherie Litvin

This one's for anybody who loves pasta carbonara. If you can't get enough of the Italian pasta dish or mac and cheese, then bring the two together by adding diced ham and peas to your mac.

4. Build a Mac and Cheese Burger

cheese, egg, bacon, sandwich
Cherie Litvin

You've probably had a cheeseburger at Appalachian, but what about a mac and cheese burger? If you're ever getting bored of the burger classic, then replace a slice with some mac and indulge in your new masterpiece.