Coffee is the nectar of the gods. I mean, for some, coffee is the sole reason they made it through college. OK, yeah, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but coffee is important — almost as important as our actual majors. We spend days (sometimes even semesters) choosing our college majors, but luckily, we can save some time choosing what we’ll get at Starbucks. Paired perfectly with your studies, here’s what you should be ordering, according to your major. 

Engineering: Espresso Shots

coffee, espresso, cappuccino, milk, chocolate, mocha, cream
Shelby Cohron

Engineers are inventors, spending countless hours creating new machines and technologies to help mankind. They need a drink that can keep up with their demanding schedule. Espresso is the only drink strong enough to keep an engineer working for days.

Education: Hot Chocolate

sweet, mocha, hot chocolate, espresso, chocolate, cream, cappuccino, milk, coffee
Alex Kaneshiro

Experts suggest that the caffeine content makes it unhealthy for children to drink coffee. But this kid-friendly drink is perfect for any aspiring teacher to get in touch with their future students. Don’t forget to add marshmallows and whipped cream.

History: Black Coffee

mocha, cappuccino, espresso, coffee
Jocelyn Hsu

In order to show dedication to their major, true historians will live like their ancestors, and pass up on all the fancy coffee flavors and froufrou drinks. After all, Frappucinos didn’t exist in Ancient Egypt. I would recommend tea, but because History majors stay up all night writing papers, they need the extra caffeine.

Pre-Med: Water

water cup, glass, ice, iced water, beer, water
Jocelyn Hsu

Pre-meds spend years studying medicine and health. Thus, they’re very conscious about what they’re putting in their own bodies. They know that caffeine stunts growth and increases risk of cardiac arrest (not that it stops anyone else from drinking coffee). Therefore, they choose to drink only what will replenish the body’s most essential need: water.

Fine Arts: Flavored Coffee

cream, milk, tea, coffee, ice
Alex Frank

Art majors are known for their creativity. One flavor of coffee simply won’t do. The great assortment of different flavors (vanilla, caramel, pumpkin spice) can satisfy any art major’s imagination. It might even be a muse!

Communications: Pumpkin Spice Latte

sweet, cream, chocolate, cappuccino, milk, espresso, coffee
Kristine Mahan

To be a successful communications major, you have to be up to date with common trends. The pumpkin spice latte is the most mainstream of coffee drinks. Join the masses as you sip on the most basic drink known to mankind.

Mathematics: Mocha

milk, mocha, espresso, chocolate, coffee
Xinwei Zeng

Mochas contain a delicate balance of sweet chocolate and bitter coffee. Mathematicians love ratios, and there is no better ratio of bitter to sweet than the one found in a mocha. Add a touch of caramel, like in this delicious recipe, and you can’t lose.

Business: Frappuccino

Starbucks, pink and blue, Unicorn, coffee, cold drink, Unicorn Frappuccino, Frappuccino, milk
Shelby Cohron

One of the most iconic business inventions is the Starbucks Frappuccino. This beloved icy drink dominates our memories of summers and middle school shopping trips. When we think of Starbucks, we crave “a Frap.” This drink launched Starbucks into international fame. To understand the key to the company’s success, every business major should get their hands on one.